Continuing right after the previous episode’s cliffhanger, Mash inadvertently entered the room that turned out to be the Magia Lupus’ secret hideout and he just so happened to stumble in the middle of the group’s meeting, coming face-to-face with the Magia Lupus’ leader, Abel Walker.

Concerning the Lang dorm, though their theme color was different, the dorm was no doubt based on the Slytherin house from Harry Potter, specifically with how they placed the importance of lineage and magic supremacy. Not only that, Abel has the mindset of the strong eats the weak, believing that the world should be the way of meritocracy. However, for someone who was supposed to be the leader of Magia Lupus with that kind of mindset, Abel was surprisingly…”nicer” than I thought he would be. Mash came alone right then and there, but instead of stealing Mash’s coin right at that moment or beating him up, he let him go. He could’ve insisted on continuing the fight or ordered all of his subordinates to attack Mash all at once, but he didn’t. I could only think that maybe he at least has a code of honor to uphold. He also had someone retrieve the two guys from Lang that came to steal Mash and Lance’s coins. It made me thinking that he’s not as heartless as he made himself to be.

The fight wasn’t much of a challenge for both Mash and Lance. I thought they’d be struggling more since the previous episode has presented Magia Lupus as a team of formidable enemies, only for two of them to be easily defeated by Mash and Lance. It was quite disappointing. But I still like watching the small interactions between the characters in this episode.

As expected, Dot and Lance were like oil and water, their opposing personalities clashed against each other. In Dot’s case, he’s even more irritated by Lance due to the fact the guy was good-looking. Lance, being the typical cool intelligent guy, hated Dot’s delinquent-like behavior. Somehow, they’re kinda reminded me of Naruto and Sasuke or Sanji and Zoro. But they’re also different from them, so the dynamic between Lance and Dot won’t be the same. Though Lance is the cool and intelligent type, his sister complex could be troublesome for him too. And Dot, despite his ruffian-like attitudes, actually knows proper manner and has more common sense at certain things. I couldn’t wait to see what type of humor these two will deliver from their dynamic.

And again, about Lance, I got to see more of his development. Though he said that he came to Mash only to make sure that the coin won’t be stolen and hoping to beat up Magia Lupus, there’s no room for doubt that Lance was concerned for Mash’s well-being despite his denial when Mash pointed it out. He’s also concerned for the owls getting caught in the crossfire. If it’s the Lance before, he wouldn’t bother for their safety. I’m too weak for a tsundere like Lance!

Last but not the least, there’s also the masked guy from Lang who has a magical eye. He easily passed Mash and Lance, and even dodged Mash’s punch at an alarming speed. Since Lance couldn’t use his magic when he tried to attack him, my guess would be that this guy’s magical eye allowed him to cancel magic. What bothers me the most, however, was that he stated that Mash was the same as him and he noticed that Mash’s superpower speed and punch were not due to magic. Does this mean that he’s also a markless human like Mash? Incapable of using magic? But because the Lang dorm aims for magic supremacy, the masked guy’s presence in the organization won’t make sense unless there’s a reason for an exception.

There is one thing that has been bugging me. Since this is a comedy series that defies any normalcy or common sense, I’ve been letting things slide for the most part. However, I’ve always been bothered with the fact that only a few people noticed Mash’s actions at certain moments, and they’re not exactly the strongest or sharpest characters in the series. I’m talking about moments like when Mash pretended to ride a broom at an amazing speed when it was actually just him throwing the broom and then jumped at the other side of the field to make it look like he rode it, and Finn was the only one to be able to see what Mash had done while everyone else didn’t, even an experienced teacher. In this episode, the pink pig tailed girl was the only to notice how Mash switched his coin with a button from Abel’s puppet. Abel realized the coin has been switched only after Mash left while the girl’s monologue revealed that she has seen everything from beginning. Abel was supposed to be the leader of Magia Lupus and yet he couldn’t see that while his subordinate could? This absurdity didn’t fit well for me. But I’m not trying to think too much about it, just like how I accepted YGO SEVENS’ absurdity before.


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