Now, we have the reveal of all the seven Tensen. Though I said reveal, a few of them have their faces covered by flowers. But appearance aside, the history of the island and the Tensen were delivered well here. Originally, the seven hermits used to be one entity worshipped by the residents of the island, but then split themselves up into the Tensen that we all knew now. In terms of look alone, the first two Tensen that made appearance were my favorites. I had mixed feelings about them from the first impression, but I could feel there were something different about these two that sets them apart from the other Tensen.

After the Aza brothers and Tenza, Nurugai, and Shion, this time Gabimaru’s impatience led him to meet the same Tensen who killed Tenza, and of course battle was something impossible to avoid. Watching this episode, after some thinking about the Tensen, I was reminded of the Homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist. They have a few similarities: they were originally coming from one being (Tensen from their original being and the Homunculus from Father) and their ability to regenerate their bodies that makes them seemingly immortal. Just like when I watched how Roy from FMA defeated Lust, it’s revealed that Tensen’s regeneration has its limit. By barraging the Tensen with multiple rapid attacks, the Tensen eventually close to reach the expiration limit of their regeneration. However, like any boss battle, the Tensen didn’t die so easily and resorted to become a half-plant and half-human monsters that I found similar in how Envy became a big monster by consuming other living beings in FMA. Seeing it animated though, the monster form didn’t look as hideous as it was in the manga.

I noticed in certain scenes, the animation quality wasn’t as good as before. But this didn’t bother me and I could still watch the episode like I usually did because other than those small scenes, the rest was fine and pleasant for my eyes to watch. How the anime delivered Gabimaru’s desperation to live and win for the sake of his wife was well-done. Gabimaru’s VA nailed it great to express Gabimaru’s powerful will. I think his VA is growing to become one of my favorites. The fighting choreography, as always, a treat for the eyes.


I was worried that after the fight against the Tensen-turned-monster, Gabimaru will fight Gantetsusai who was itching for looking a worthy opponent. To my amazement and pleasure, Gabimaru realized that fighting Gantetsusai head-on would be meaningless and the best weapon for him if he wishes to win was information. I am grateful to Fuchi for convincing Gantetsusai to at least listen to Gabimaru’s story, which led the three of them to agree to cooperate together.

While I usually not too fond of exposition-heavy episode, considering the many mysteries surrounding the Tensen and the whole island, I accepted any exposition here even if it means taking the whole episode. Now, we learned that the island was intentionally made by mixing different symbols and religious ideas. However, the purpose of this mix was not to give the island some sort of holiness. Why the creator gathered and mixed all these was still a wonder. But perhaps this has something to do with the original Tensen who found the Elixir.

Another thing that we learned was the concept of Tao. Like in many manga and anime where the characters are capable of using energy from their bodies like Dragon Ball’s ki, Katekyo Hitman Reborn’s Dying Will Flame, Jujutsu Kaisen’s cursed energy, and many more, Tao is the kind of life energy that flows around everything. By harnessing a person’s Tao, they’re able to enhanced their senses, strength, or even develop a superhuman power. Gabimaru’s ninjutsu seems to be rooted from the use of Tao. And from this piece of information, it’s clarified that the Tensen was not really an immortal. Just like the Homunculus in FMA, if the Tense used up all of their Tao, they’ll die just like any other person.

With the introduction of Tao, I’m excited to see how each characters will learn, develop, and use their Tao to fight.


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