Oh gosh this was such a funny and relatable episode this week. I absolutely loved the adventuring in-game with Akane and Tsubaki trying to take down a boss that spawns for a limited time, only to fail miserably while Rurihime watches from the sidelines, lazily applying heals. It was such a riot and mood when Akane suggested they should button mash to death in order to take it down— only for it to be in vain (RIP). The boss kept on healing itself and they weren’t able to deliver enough damage, especially with the lack of buffs to do it. But while it ended in failure, it was still great to see the two had fun and learned something from it. We can really see how invested Akane even has become in the game, as she even has a full blown notebook she has compiled for trying to figure out the boss strategy. She has truly become a full blown FOS gamer hahahaha!

It was a lot of fun to see Tsubaki and Akane interact in-game. The two got along very well to the point Tsubaki ended up feeling guilty about her ulterior motives for joining the guild in the the first place. Actually, she ended up having so much fun that she ended up forgetting why she doing so in the first place. But the main part was a means to be closer to Yamada but also to investigate a bit more on Akane since she knew that she is someone who has a bond with Yamada that she hasn’t seen him have with other girls before. Nevertheless, it’s always refreshing to see a girl who finds her rival in love not be a bitch and end up realizing why the one who she likes is attracted to the other.

For a long time, Tsubaki has resigned to simply watching Yamada from afar, afraid to act on her feelings. What she has right now is a friendship that she would like to protect, but it also hurts her to have to keep her feelings to herself. She was given a bit of encouragement though when she vaguely talked about it with Rurihime, who doesn’t know the context, but even if he did, I think Eita would’ve still encouraged her to find the courage and take a chance since that’s the only way anything might change.

At the same time, we see Akane has finally come to terms with her feelings for Yamada. She knows now that she likes him romantically and she’d like to confess, so she wanted to talk to Momo about since a part of her had wonder if there was some sort of fatal flaw she needed to be aware of. Understandable I guess, especially if she wants to make the next relationship work and there’s a bit a paranoia of wondering if that contributed to the fall out of her previous relationship. Fortunately Momo declared she didn’t have anything of the sort, and that’s pretty much true considering Akane is just someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, and takes into consideration how others feels if she knows that there is something that makes them very uncomfortable. That was part of the reason surprised to see Yamada had stuck around and taken care of her when she was sick.

Finally last but not least, I must confess when Eita swooped in to help them shoo away the pests that seated themselves at the girls’ table, it crossed my mind how I wondered if there was any possibility for Momo and Eita to pair up. Her reaction to learning he was Akane’s guild leader in FOS was priceless and an understatement considering her shoddy luck at the group date. But that idea quickly flew out the window when I remembered and even Eita said so himself that he’s a siscon, and I know that would be something that would totally turn Momo away from him. Hahaha!

Only two episodes left, gonna miss this one!


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