We’re finally on the last episode, and AHHHHHH EVERYTHING WAS SO SWEET!!!! God I love these two so much!

You really have to give Tsubaki a lot of credit for having the courage to give Yamada such an earnest confession while knowing fully well that she was going to be rejected. It was beautiful but also entertaining to watch because she really went into details about every little thing she liked about Yamada, and his reaction was stunned because these are things he couldn’t have possibly imagined, nor could have possibly expected the full extent of Tsubaki’s feelings– especially since she had hid it so well for so long. It actually made me root for her, because she really handled this whole thing like a champ. But not only that, I’m glad she was able to do this. Although she didn’t intend to have that slip up last week, in the end it was for the best. Now that she was able to get that off her chest it means she can begin the healing process and move on. And what made this confession that ended with a rejection so pleasant to watch was because Tsubaki both parties were incredibly respectful towards the others’ feelings. Tsubaki has known for a long time that Yamada had developed feeling for Akane, (and probably sooner than he noticed it himself). As for Yamada, this experience taught him how to graciously turn down a confession, but it certainly helped that Tsubaki is a friend of his, and he was not going to give her a cold treatment. So it was a nice touch and conclusion for the two of them, which allows them to continue being friends– though Tsubaki may need some time to herself while she heals from her heartbreak.

As for Yamada, I found it so incredibly sweet and very much like him to express his love for Akane more through actions than words. The little gestures of being the one to take the initiative to hold hands with her was enough for Akane to clue in– even while she wasn’t quite sober– and actually asked him if she was reading him right. And the absolute best part was that Yamada didn’t try to weasel out of it! Instead he cutely responded her to question with, “I’m busted” and actually properly given her a confession of his own! (AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! IT WAS SO FREAKING SWEET!!!!! And that mischievous smile man!!!! PERFECTION!) And I freaking love that because how many god damn times have we seen in romances when they confess or receive a confession while drunk and then have no memory of it the next day and it drags out for an indefinite period of time!?! WAY TO GO YAMADA!!!!!


And to put a cherry on top, he even assures her that even if she forgets in the morning, he’ll call her and confess again and hugs her tight when she expresses she was afraid this was all a dream! MY HEART! I absolutely love it when Yamada is so soft with Akane, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

But I have to say, I am also really glad he confessed first. In a way it’s actually better because Akane was being very mindful of the fact he was preparing for his entrance exams and his condition, so she was actively bidding her time for the right time and place to do it.

Now with the two of them dating, Yamada is really showing some unexpectedly adorable and hilarious sides to him. The bit in the cafe where Akane was rambling on because her friend (not Momo, the other one) made her self-conscious about being the “mature” one in the relationship, she lost Yamada at one point and somehow he became drawn to her canine teeth and mused how they were adorable. I snorted as much as the lady besides them did because that was too funny! Akane thought he had to be teasing her, but he actually meant every word hahahaha! Yamada also showed that he how he values proper communication, as he encourages Akane to do so and tells her straight out if the way when she her approach is too cryptic for him to understand. Although Yamada is new to love, he is already on the right track!

Final Thoughts

Loving Yamada has been such a pleasure to watch this season. I’m really happy with how well they were adapt the series, and how the timing of everything was able to seamlessly fit within 13 episodes. I don’t know if we’ll get a second season, but it would be a delight to see more of it. With the exception of Runa leaving the absolute worst first impression, everyone in the guild as such a fun bunch. I really enjoyed the age range as well, showing how gamers can still have fun altogether.

Kamota is such a gentle soul, and we can see why Eita and the others were able to befriend him so easily. It was also so incredibly endearing how much he cared for the others, such as when Eita exaggerated the story that Akane was in trouble (and she was, fortunately not to that extent), although he was terrified he confronted the guy and was ready to throw the book at law at him with a lawyer. What a guy. Actually speaking of Kamota, this episode actually showed us how Kamota is that sort of person who seems to know and is friends just about everyone (not to mention high profile people). So when he said he’d get a lawyer, he sure wasn’t kidding about that!!!! I bet he knows some real good ones!

Eita despite his sister complex is also a fun character. I appreciate that he and Akane were able to form a fun platonic relationship without turning him into a second love interest for a potential love triangle. That’s definitely one of the major reasons why I ended up enjoying this series as much as I do. I suppose you could say Tsubaki served that purpose to an extent, though fortunately it wasn’t something that dragged out, nor did it ever become a source of conflict– another decision choice I really appreciate about this series.

Runa is a mixed bag, mainly because she had a really rough start in terms of likeability. The stunt she pulled against Akane in attempt to dissuade her from joining the guild was incredibly irresponsible, dangerous and beyond stupid. I can understand why some people were not happy with the way Akane swept the issue under the rug, but at the same time, it’s because of Akane’s personality that I understand why she had the patience to communicate and first properly try to get to know Runa properly. After that matter was resolved, I did quickly come to enjoy how attached Runa became to Akane, the point they bonded like sisters. In fact it was pretty hilarious to see the way Akane had clamped her hand over Runa’s mouth at the restaurant because she was being too loud, AHAHAHA!

As for Akane and Yamada, it was really rewarding to see each of their respective character growths. Akane started out rather on a chaotic note with her attempt to show-up her ex in hopes to make him regret breaking up spectacularly blowing up in her face. There were definitely moments of second-hand embarrassments, especially when she gets drunk (though she’s an absolute riot and always has me cracking up). But when she’s level-headed, she is an endearing character who is considerate of others. I also really enjoy the process of her healing from her heartbreak and then gradually and cautiously falling in love again. It never felt rushed so it was really a nice slow burn process of her adjusting to her feeling again.

But what I also loved what that her world didn’t revolve around Yamada. She became wholeheartedly invested in the game, and formed new friendships with the guild members. My favourite was probably the time when she and Tsubaki went out to fight a boss together, because that was absolutely hilarious, and I’d definitely be down to seeing more of that kind of content!

And then finally we have Yamada, who had always thought so little of himself, while he was never the most expressive character in the game, the way his actions spoke louder than words was what made him such an appealing character to me. And we learn that it’s because of his experience back in his childhood that he became uncomfortable with how to deal with others (particularly women’s) feelings, and it got so bad to the point that he became afraid to talk in fear he’s say something that would hurt someone. That’s why Yamada’s actions has always been louder than words, and it’s the best way to get a read on how he feels.

Contrary to how he feels about himself, we know that Yamada is a good guy who’s unfortunately burdened with constantly getting confessions from strangers and has to deal with their emotional response whenever he rejects them or just tries to get away. And it’s sad to see how these things contribute to him feeling like he’s a bad guy when in actuality, he’s not. In fact he’s a really good guy because he didn’t ignore Akane like so others did when she spectacularly tripped over herself, and even stuck around and took care of her after she got herself drunk. I also really liked how he didn’t let problems drag out, such as once he noticed something was amiss during Runa’s stunt, he took action, or when Akane felt flustered from Eita teasing, and so Yamada ran after her to apologize because he was worried she was mad. It was very rewarding to see him grow out of his shell and in many ways learn from Akane about better understanding other people’s emotions, as well as learn more tactful ways to turn others down and gaining the will and courage to express himself more after giving up on it for so long.

If I had to list one gripe, I would say it was the repetitive Yamada theme or whatever it’s called, because that music track would play so often it kind of started driving me nuts. It appears they reduced the usage of it near the end, or at least I think they kind of remixed it a bit sort of, but regardless it was still an improvement– though a bit late all the same. But apart from that, animation and everything else has been on point, making this a very delightful show to watch!

Overall Loving Yamada at LV999 is definitely a charming show to watch if you’re looking for a really cute and simple romance that involves gaming. It’s always nice to be spared of the usual drama of the love triangles, and simply enjoy the characters slowing warming up to each other and falling in love!

Final Verdict: 9/10


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