The war against Lang Dorm’s Magia Lupus finally began when Magia Lupus sent the masked guy, Abyss, to attack several students and landed them to the infirmary, which also included Tom. Thanks to these attacks, Mash and his friends finally made their move to confront Magia Lupus directly, and Lemon being turned into a puppet to lure them made it all the more reason to fight.

To my disappointment, Lemon, from her appearance so far, turned out to be nothing more than a friend (and possible love interest) of Mash whose role was to simply cheering or supporting Mash from the sideline, or became someone that needs to be saved by the main characters, exactly like how female character traditionally presented. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate female character who can’t fight. I’m just feeling let down because Lemon didn’t do anything much other than informing Mash and the others what they’ll learn sooner or later and becoming one of the reasons for them to act. But Lemon was still cute as usual in this episode, especially the part when she gave Mash a handmade cream puff plushie with a ribbon that match hers.

For the first fight against Magia Lupus, Dot got the first honor thanks to the opponent being a type who is popular good-looking guy that Dot hates. To put it bluntly, I thought of Dot as the guy who act without thinking first, the typical “idiot” character. This fight proved me wrong and showed that Dot, while still a bit reckless, was capable of forming a trick to fool his opponent. Though the fight ended so quickly, I’m happy to see Dot’s opponent fell for Dot’s magic with the latter purposely making it look like the magic circle would explode when being stepped when in reality it was actually time bomb magic that will activate at the given moment. Maybe not the smartest trick, but I give Dot my applause for coming up with this idea.

I already expected that Mash and his friends will get separated one way or another. Again, the comedy didn’t disappoint in how Mash and his friends reacted when they got sucked into the floor with Dot and Finn being the only ones whose reactions were normal at that situation. lol

I was surprised, however, to see that Mash was immediately being pit into a fight against Abyss right off the bat. Abyss was shown to be using swords as his weapon instead of a wand like other magicians. Again, I’m confused whether he’s also incapable of magic like Mash or he could but has yet to use it. I’m leaning to him able to use magic but he’s just still hiding it. However, Abyss didn’t seem to have any prejudice against Mash for being magicless, most likely because he could relate in a way due to his ability to cancel magic.

Another surprise and to my amusement was how Mash turned out to be the type who is very suck at lying. For someone who always have a deadpan face, he’s suck at making a poker face. He could’ve just stick to his usual face but he easily gave himself away. XD

With three different battles commence at the same time, whose fight would be first shown in the next episode, I wonder. Usually, the protagonist’s fight is saved for last, but there’s always an exception.


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