Heehee~ Miyo and Kiyoka go on their first date!

It is an absolute delight to see how attentive Kiyoka has been with Miyo. He has been very mindful of his tone, and is always reassuring her that she wouldn’t be a bother– something hard for her to grasp after she has been treated like shit for so long. Today Kiyoka invited her out to town, giving her a chance to get out of the house to do something other than her usual routine. But it was sad to see how she defaults into refusing because she thinks would be a burden. Heck, when he first brought up town, it didn’t even cross her mind that he was inviting her out. He had to clarify that they were going together.

But Kiyoka is quick to adjust to make Miyo more comfortable with breaking the rules she has grown accustomed to. When they went out, Kiyoka gives Miyo the chance to make decisions and think about the things she needs or what to do. When she is unable to think of anything, he then takes the lead so that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed or feel like an inconvenience. This helped remove the weight off her shoulders, allowing her to relax and immerse herself during their outing, to which she was able to do, and he further encouraged her to just have fun and enjoy herself. Bonus points for the precious head-pat of assurance.

He also knew Miyo would never ask of him for anything, much less accept anything extravagant if he made the offer on the spot, so he already made arrangements in advance for some things to be prepared for her. So the shopping trip was really just a guise, as the things Kiyoka was picking up at the Suzushimaya shop wasn’t so much for him, but rather for her. Additionally, one of the main reasons she needed to come along was so that the shop lady could see her and then help him select some fabrics that would suit her. That was why Miyo didn’t join them when Kiyoka was having the consultation with the lady. It was especially endearing to see Kiyoka spot the very same sakura kimono that Miyo had her eyes, and unconsciously found himself envisioning her wearing it! It didn’t matter to Kiyoka that the sakura piece was out of season, and that it would be a while before it’d be ready. He simply said she’ll be able to wear it next season. Oho~!

But that wasn’t the only thing Kiyoka bought Miyo today. He also gifted her a new comb, unaware at the time that she actually really did need a replacement because her mother’s one was worn out. While he was obviously too shy to give it to Miyo himself, he also knew that if he just left it at door, she wouldn’t be able to refuse the gift on the spot. (And side note: Bless Yurie for gushing about how he was proposing to Miyo– we know where his heart is hahahaha– because a comb is usually used for asking one’s hand in marriage. IT’S JUST A COMB HE SAYS. SURE BUDDY!)

It goes without saying, this entire episode was basically watching Kiyoka fall for Miyo more and more, and it was such a treat to watch the two just be wholesome together. The first was after Yurie dressed her up nicely by applying some makeup and cute hair ornaments. The second was when he could see her wearing the sakura kimono, and the third was when he confessed he wanted to see her smile and encouraged her to share her honest thoughts with him (and she did briefly have a slip up where she did just that, and adorably so!), and the fourth (and the best one of all) was when Miyo gave him a wholehearted smile in response to the gift her had given her. There’s no turning back now, hahahahaha!

As for Miyo, you could say it was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster to some extent with the ups and downs of her mood. In the beginning she was having a lot of fun, and then when the talks of marriage came up, she fell into a gloomy mood because she was feeling guilty of keeping it a secret that she has no powers of her own. But at the same time, it has gotten to a point where Miyo genuinely wants to stay with him, so much so that she is finally putting herself first by resolving herself to enjoy her time with him, and worry about the potential punishments of withholding her secret later. This is a huge step forward, because by the end of the episode, we see Miyo finally wholeheartedly accepting the kindness and affection from Kiyoka by accepting the comb which he gifted her. YES! YOU DESERVE IT SWEETHEART!

However unbeknownst to Miyo, Kiyoka is in-fact aware she has no powers of her own. Even before he launched the private investigation on her background, he already suspected that was the case. And now, he has just uncovered a big secret in regards to her mother’s background, something which not even Miyo is aware of: what makes the Usuba family so infamous.

The Usuba family is known for their ability to interfere with the Human Mind. However they are very secluded from society, to the point some people think they don’t even exist. And that’s what makes the marriage between the Sumi and Shinichi so perplexing. We don’t know the circumstances that prompted Miyo’s mother Sumi to be married into the Saimori family, just like how we don’t know why the Saimori family forced Shinichi to marry Sumi, when he was already in love with Kanako (Miyo’s current stepmother). All we do know it was a loveless marriage. Regardless, even though the two were forced to marry each other, there are no excuses with the way Miyo was neglected by her father and abused by her stepmother as result of it. Her father’s attitude today of how he has said-so himself, that the family has abandoned her, and he doesn’t care if she lives or dies was what we all expected, but still sickening to hear. (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ Hold my flower.

And if Shinichi wasn’t bad enough, well the Tatsuishi head was no better. We already knew the guy is just as much of trash as her father is, but his motives to bring Miyo into his family is purely for the opportunity of getting his family’s hands on the Usuba’s powers through her childrenm, AKA: “goose that lays the golden eggs”. For him, this is a means of making his family more powerful, which is why it is absolutely beyond him how her father would be so stupid to ignore that.

But this does circles back to the question: For a family with such power– did the Saimori family have some kind of leverage or something that gave them the confidence that the Usuba family would never retaliate in the way they abused Miyo? Why is Shinichi so confident that he’ll never reap the consequences of his neglect and his Kanako’s actions? Why did the Usuba family ignore Miyo? Why did they not intervene as soon as Sumi died? Were they truely unaware with how she been treated? Hell do they even still exist? Frankly this is a very messy situation, and at this point you can’t even consider them as reliable and without fault of their own unless they have a very good reason for it– but even then, I don’t think any of us would forgive them for their negligence so easily.

At the moment, the only ones who give a crap about both Miyo’s past and present are Kiyoka and Yurie. The fact she has ties with the Usuba family is concerning due to their mysterious background and dangerous power, but that isn’t enough to deter him from marrying her.

As for the ones tailing him: While Kiyoka doesn’t know who’s behind the shiki-gami spies, taking out the little pests is nothing for him. It was rather satisfying to seeing those shiki-gami be burned to crisp, and Kiyoka not putting up with that nonsense.

Overall this was another great episode, though I definitely noticed some more little cuts and rearrangements this time round. It was also too bad they ended up cutting out the comedy with the shopkeeper by toning down their conversation. Though I suppose was more appropriate way to go about it, but I did miss the original comedy of how intensely the shop lady told Kiyoka, “WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T LET THIS ONE GO!” — though her purpose of saying that was also because she wanted to promote further sales, haha. Not a huge deal breaker, but it could have been fun because it could have offered some laughs.

Last thing before I wrap up! Speaking of the stupidity from earlier: Considering Sumi’s family background, it amazes me how comfortable Shinichi, Kanako and Kaya were with neglecting and abusing Miyo because they were absolutely convinced she would never awaken her abilities or inherit the Usuba’s power– which is why they are so confident that Kiyoka is going to kick her to the curb. I mean… you’d think they would be playing with fire considering how it was just revealed today that what makes the Usuba Family so powerful and infamous is their ability to interfere with the Human Mind… like bruh… If this series was another genre and Miyo got her powers back, and she wasn’t so soft-hearted, this would be a freaking set up of for the ultimate revenge arc! They ought to count their lucky stars that Miyo isn’t that sort of person! Just saying.

That’s all I got to say for this week’s episode! I’m off to read the novel’s 4th volume because after a freaking month of delays and problems with my order, the book has finally arrived! I did consider waiting till the anime ends, but I waited soooo long for this, I need to read it now! I can’t wait till October! (At least Volume 5 will be released then, ohohoho!)

I definitely encourage everyone to either read the novel or manga, or both (if you enjoy both formats) because the manga had adaption has been great too (I collect both heehee, both are good)! Both of them will give you all the extra goodies of thoughts and details that get left out in the anime adaption! = v = Whether you wait till the show ends is entirely up to you!


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  1. zztop

    You’re totally right about “ultimate revenge arc” if the story were written differently. It reminds me of similarly-setup Korean romance fantasy webtoons/novels where the heroine was also unwanted by her family, but said heroine is more fearless, sassy and calculating in nature. They know they’re not wanted, and plans to enact sweet retribution upon her tormentors immediately or in due time.

    Or those Chinese-written ones which can read like a soap opera/trashy reality TV show where the heroine openly throws shade at her enemies, effortlessly schemes their way back into the limelight, and (literally) gives some people some well deserved face slaps…

    Are there any favourite titles of yours which have sassy heroines like this?

    1. Eva

      Hmmmmmm…it’s been a while ago since I’ve read so many revenge themed ones I’ve lost track (and actually grew sick of them). I wouldn’t say I have any particular favourites that comes to mind except for the Villainess is a Marionette. I’d say that one I’ve probably enjoyed the most of the lot because Kayena is a very cunning heroine. It’s the kind I go back to to reread every now and then to refresh and catch up to what’s going on after taking a break for a bit.

      For Korean webtoons, lately I’ve been reading more along the lines of: Your Majesty, Please Don’t Kill Me Again, How to Get My Husband on My Side, A Stepmother’s Märchen. Hilariously all a similar within the theme of trying to survive and have a happy ending this time.

  2. ecargmura

    So basically, her dad was dumb to think he’d done himself a favor by abandoning her but little did he know that it was a blessing for her.

    1. Eva

      The joke’s on them!

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