Well it should come as no surprise that things wouldn’t go exactly as planned. Getting rid of the curse this early on in the story would just end the show, so the fact that Amelia couldn’t break it for him wasn’t shocking. However, while nothing was solved we did get a little bit of background on our new character and a big piece of news regarding the witch that placed the curse on the Duke.

The first story with the ghost bride was just fine. Basically this woman fell off the stairs and died after freaking out about the poorly-sized ring her fiance had given her. That’s such a pathetic way to die that I couldn’t even feel bad for her, but I guess she passed on anyways and all was well. Honestly there was nothing wrong with this story but I guess I just checked out since it wasn’t the most entertaining. It did give us a couple cute moments between Alice and the Duke as usual, so that’s always nice. But yeah, I guess I could have done without this story.

Probably because I enjoyed the second half of the episode more that I wish we got more of it. We get to meet the witch that Daleth had sent over to the Duke’s house. The Duke is fully prepared to fend them off as he doesn’t want to owe Daleth, meaning make Zain use his time magic. That was the plan until the witch collapsed right in front of them and being the kind souls they are, brought her inside. The octopus on the business card wasn’t just to be cute or just for show, the witch herself is actually an octopus.

Even though we’ve only spent a little bit of time with her, I love Amelia already. I was wondering what kind of character she’d be, and I was expecting a more ominous character. But man she’s really cute! Even though her design is a little strange. Most of her is super cute but then her giant hands kill the design lol. And while I hate underboob designs, it kinda works with her. But yeah, she looks cute (mostly) and she acts very cute too. I love how she uses her camoflouge technique whenever she gets embarrassed so no one can see her. She’s broken the Duke’s type of curse before so she looked pretty confident that she’d break it. While Daleth sent her out as part of the deal, Amelia seems more relaxed about this and also seems to hold a more positive outlook on Daleth than the Duke. Obviously there’s more to Daleth’s character but we’ve only seen how mysterious and kind of eerie she can be, so I hope we get to see a different side to her soon. To win their trust, Amelia shows off her magic to the Duke and Alice and we’re treated to yet another song between them and just these really lovely moments of them swimming around the mansion with the fish life. Again the animation hasn’t changed too much but they’ve definitely bumped it up for this season. It just gave nice vibes and I was all for it. After they had their fill of fun, Amelia comes down to attempt to break the curse…and of course she wasn’t able to. The curse was so strong that the dark energy from it started to really affect her and basically knock her out. That, and being an octopus, she wasn’t used to being among humans and away from her precious ocean.

However, we learn a huge bombshell. According to Amelia, she only knows of one witch that could put a curse as terrible as that one. And that witch is Daleth’s twin sister, Sade. This is a big deal since we didn’t even know she had a twin sister, but it goes hand in hand with the logbook and the connection she has with everything and everyone basically. There’s history with Alice’s family and the Duke’s family, Daleth with Alice’s mother, and of course the twins being sisters. There’s definitely a lot going on around here but very little answers, and now we can have an idea what Daleth may want Zain’s time magic for. Is it really to bring back her sister? Knowing how Zain’s magic works, that definitely won’t happen but she most likely doesn’t know so she won’t stop her pursuit of that magic. There’s so many players to this story but the biggest question here is WHY this curse was placed on the Duke. There has to be a lot of bad blood among these groups based on Amelia’s reaction to the curse so it has to be something huge. I’m just so curious when the history behind these families will come out, but I know it’ll take awhile longer.

When it comes to the Circus Gemini (twins again…hmm), looks like we’ll be paying them a visit next time. Here I thought that the only connection the characters would have to this place would be for Zain and Cuff, but surprisingly Amelia also has a connection because of the circus boss. Their encounter in the past is really cute, and it’s amazing that even after ten whole years these two still remember each other and love each other. Amelia will find that finding her long lost husband is gonna be easier than she thought. I’m excited to see those two reunite when they can.

This was a good episode that just opened up the gates to even more questions and speculation from what we’ve learned. Part of me enjoys the pace the anime goes at, but with all the pieces of information we know I’m getting a little impatient to get to the answers already. But impatient in a good way haha. But yay, circus time next week! The Duke being excited about going into the city is a surprising thing, but it just shows how much he’s grown. He’s not how he used to be before, withdrawn and depressed. With all the love and friendship he has now, he can finally look forward to things again and dammit that pulls on my heartstrings. ;-;


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