Ahem, [takes out megaphone] PROTECT MIYO AT ALL COST!!!!!!!

Holy smokes, they really made the abuse scene absolutely terrifying to watch. It was horrific that Miyo had to be subjected to this unspeakable crap again, but I am so proud of her for courageously refusing to give into their demands. I said this last week, and I’ll say it again: All of this was possible because Miyo finally was able to come clean and tell Kiyoka about the way she was treated her whole life and the power she seems to lack at the moment (and I’ll touch on that in a little bit), and Kiyoka to wholeheartedly accept her, is what gave her the strength to fight for their relationship. Had she not done so, or been given that validation, the seeds of doubts would have remained for Kaya to prey upon. But now that she finally found a place where she belongs and someone she deeply cares for, and she’s not about to give all that up– even if it means being beaten more in the process. For Miyo, these wounds are not one of shame, but of resilience, and she’s proud to have them because they are proof that she didn’t give in. It was worth the fight. And the fact she was able to smile in spite of that– MIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! [GROSS SOBBING]

The best thing about the whole thing though, was that that this fight was won because both Miyo and Kiyoka did their respective parts. This wasn’t a damsel in distress scenario. Sure Miyo was going through a lot of suffering, but she was fighting her own battle, and most importantly she won. Kiyoka’s role was the recovery, making sure he got her out of there before they really did kill herand boy they were pretty darn close to it with how they beating her senseless and strangling her! It was a bonus to put Tatsuishi and Shinchi (who as we got to see, has no spine of his own) and Kaya in their place. Kanako was too busy freaking out about the house burning down to pay attention to Kiyoka any further.

As for Kiyoka, while he looked calm and collected, we all know he was furious. The way he blew up the entrance did a good job showing that, especially with the use of lightning.  But we saw just how angry and upset he was when he finally arrived to the storehouse and saw the condition she was in. He wasn’t putting up with Kaya’s shit either, was able to silence her by laying it thick that no matter the circumstances, he would never marry an arrogant brat like her. Like seriously, the audacity that bitch to whine about it being “not fair”.

Also can we take a moment to appreciate just how tenderly Kiyoka always holds Miyo? My heart! Both the way he picks her up in the storehouse and the way he helps her up even when she should be lying down away she wakes up. AHHHHHH SERIOUSLY IT’S SO ROMANTIC!!!!!! I LOVE THE SOFTNESS OF THESE SCENES. SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL— MY EMOTIONS!!!!! I also freaking love that right away, when she was about to start apologizing for forgetting her amulet, he immediately told her none of this was ever her fault– and that’s so freaking important!!! Also a moment of appreciate for Yurie as well because she was worried sick for Miyo too!

Tatsuishi, they really showcased just how self-centered he is. He didn’t care whether he burned down the entirety of the Saimori’s estate (serves them right though, that’s karma coming back to bite them at its finest).  He wasn’t going to give up Miyo, or rather it’d be more accurate to say the Usuba’s bloodline without a fight. However there was an interesting tidbit we learned near the end of the episode, where we seen that Tatsuishi appears to have been collaborating with  the Emperor in attempt to prevent the Kudo family from gaining even more power. I suppose considering the power difference we saw today, in comparison to Kudo, the Tatsuishi family would be a “safer” pick in terms of keeping the power balance in check, to some extent. Who to say though. What we did see however, is just how insanely powerful Kiyoka is with being able to 2 VS 1, and unlike Koji, handle Tatsuishi on his own goes to show the power difference between these two families– though Kiyoka is said to be one of, if not the strongest gift user of their generation. Rest assure, Tatsuishi be reaping the consequences of his actions once he wakes.

And while we’re on the subject of consequences: It was fitting for the Saimori’s to lose everything  to the fire after they took everything and more from Miyo. And I say that’s a good punishment– especially towards Kanako and Shinchi considering we all know they (unfortunately) wouldn’t be criminalized for neglecting and abusing Miyo her entire life. Rest assure it won’t be a slap on the wrist so to speak, as Shinchi and Kanako have lost their glamorous lifestyle and Kaya will also be punished appropriately, so they should touch up on that next next week. That said, I am honestly surprised that they didn’t skip the either opening this week to squeeze that in. I think they would’ve had the time to do it if they did that. It’s probably fine though since it won’t take up too much time. Instead we’ve been given a snippet of the next foreboding conflict to come, involving a young man granted permission to “put things back to where they belong” from Emperor. That combined with the hint from Miyo’s mother that she does in fact have power within her is a sure sign we’re finally going to start learning more about the elusive Usuba family, that not even Miyo herself is aware of at the moment.

In terms of the episode’s execution, while there were somethings cut out (and some for the better), overall I felt they did a really fantastic job with it, especially the fight scenes, they were so good! Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the soundtrack this episode? I’m definitely picking up the OST album if it gets released!!!

There were a couple of creative liberty used in the storehouse scene. I really liked the way they chose to go about it because it really showed us what Miyo was up against. Heck, as someone who has read both the novel and manga, I knew the scissors was something they threw in for this adaption, but my god, seeing the snippy scissors by Miyo’s ear even made me flinch and cover my eyes for a hot second there– despite knowing that Miyo was not going to lose an ear in this scene! So they really nailed making that scene extremely uncomfortable and chilling to watch.

They did switch out having Kaya be the one strangling Miyo instead of her step-mother, and really it makes no difference as to who was doing it since they both bear responsibility of hurting Miyo in the first place.

As for the initial confrontation between Kiyoka and Tatsuishi, I will confess, I did feel like they watered down a bit. I don’t know why they chose him slapping the barrier instead of walking right through it and shattering it in the process– I think that would have been far more epic and cinematic— though I suppose it works all the same, but I’d be lying if I said I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t do that. I was looking forward to it since I consider it one of the most epic moments of this chapter. At least the rest of the fights were really good, and I do feel like the fire scene made up for it.

Another cut was Koji’s grand plan to “save” Miyo, but this one I’m completely okay with because had they included it, I know people would have lost their minds, because I certainly did. At first, because Kiyoka looked too calm given the situation Miyo was in, Koji had thought that he didn’t care about her (but soon realized that he was in-fact wrong). So his plan, which was absolute bullshit I tell you, was a double-suicide where he’d kill Miyo and them himself afterwards. If being a spineless coward wasn’t bad enough, he had the audacity to think killing Miyo would be the best way to grant her peace. Holy shit, you son of a bitch-— Hold my flower! GOD, I wanted to jump into the novel punch him when I read that. How unbelievably pathetic and selfish of him! Does he have no shame?! Not to mention, what a freaking coward who would rather die than try and elope together in such scenario! So I’m very glad they opted to cut that out since it really served no additional purpose by making Koji even more pathetic.

While I was glad one one cut, there was one other thing that I had hoped it was going to be included which was the flashback showing how Kaya’s mother has really wired her into becoming the monster she has become. Last week they did tease this very briefly with her mother’s voice-over just before she sought out Koji, but I didn’t and still don’t feel like that’s really enough for those who haven’t read the book. I liked this inclusion in the novel because while it doesn’t excuse Kaya’s behaviour, it adds some depth to her character of how she was basically encouraged to become the entitled and spoiled brat she is today. To summarize, when she was a little girl, she had to be superior to Miyo, anything less wasn’t acceptable, her mother (given her grudge) wouldn’t have it. Overtime it developed into the superiority complex because everyone kept on giving into her demands, and saying how she was the absolute best all the time. That’s why it’s unfathomable that Kiyoka would care for Miyo who has always been said to be inferior to her.

With that, we’re pretty much done Volume 1! To my knowledge, you can be reassured that they have not re-emerged since at least up to Volume 4, and hopefully it’ll stay that way since there’s no further purpose for Miyo to be engaged with them! 😀

Bless Miyo’s Smile!


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  1. zztop

    Another thing I recall Vol 1 leaving out was how the Saimoris were always living beyond their means. They were living off an ever-shrinking inheritance with little replenishment since their abilities weren’t that great and therefore in little demand. So losing the estate here would be extremely financially devastating once the damage costs come in, esp. for them who’d grown accustomed to living the good life.

    Which also puts into perspective why Shinichi was arranged-married to Sumi, by his parents who likely had an idea of the Usuba heritage and wanted to revive the family fortunes. Of course, Shinichi (and the stepmother) were still hung up over their true love getting interrupted and took out their bitterness and resentment on Miyo since she was a living reminder of that interruption.

    1. Eva

      That’s a very good point about the possibility of their marriage arrangements. As for their irresponsible spending, they have nobody but to blame but themselves for their own undoing. For that reason Kanako and Shinchi’s new home is a far cry from their former estate. A fitting end if I say so myself.

      Also side note, I just saw that My Happy Marriage got #1 across all the boards in Anime Trending charts which makes me so happy as a fan!!!!! Really happy to see this series getting the love it so deserves! TT v TT

  2. kazanovakun


    I really couldn’t stand seeing Miyo got hurt because of them again, so I just skipped that part and went for the best part. Those trashy family and that Tatsuishi jerk got what they deserved. I kinda hoped that Kiyoka gave Kanako and Kaya a bit of beating before watching their house burned down, but I’m still satisfied with this. If they still blame Miyo for their loss of house and fortune, they’re really beyond helping. I prefer them that way, let them spend the rest of their life unhappily blaming others for their own wrongdoings. I hope I don’t have to see them again.

    I’m actually worried that they’ll make Kaya has some sort of redemption arc in later story. I know so far in the novel that hasn’t happened and I hope she stays that way. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that someone try to repent and atone for their sins, but that doesn’t necessarily means they’ll have to become all close with the ones they hurt. Sorry, but I don’t want to imagine Miyo and Kaya suddenly being all sisterly after years of abuse that Miyo suffered. If Kaya apologize then that’s okay, but leave it at that.

    1. Eva

      I highly doubt Kaya will be given a redemption arc, nor do I want to see one either. It should be explained next week) is that she has been sent to a place where she will be given a cold reality-check and not dotted like she’s used to by working as a servant in another household. And Miyo’s scars of the abuse she has faced from her so-called family is so deep, that you will see how it continues to affects her in other ways in the near future. So I don’t think, nor do I think Miyo has ever even considered getting along with Kaya again after all she has been through. Too much damage to be done, and Miyo is best to be left alone so she can continue focusing on her new life.

  3. Williukea

    Revealing the fate of Saimoris, how Kaya had to become a servant, wouldn’t fit the episode I think, it ended on such a sweet note of Kiyoka caring for Miyo!
    Also I wonder if Kaya was the one sent to marry Kiyoka, how long would she last? I’d give her a day, with Kiyoka’s “If I say die, you die” speech and her likely mistreating Yurie, Kiyoka would totally kick her out before the day ends

    1. Eva

      LOL I don’t think she’d even last 5 minutes with that arrogant attitude of her. In fact she might have not even made it to the door after seeing where he lives. HAHA!

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