What a wild episode. There’s so many things that happened this time around what with all the excitement and action. Lots of laughs and some tense moments, but all so heartwarming in the end. As always it put a smile on my face. This looks to be the end of the Zain and Cuff arc for now until Daleth makes her next move again~

First of all, of course Hugo’s crush was going to go nowhere but the dramatic POV of his sacrificing his love for Cuff was really funny and made me giggle. He’s a good kid.

Circus Gemini has gotten permission to perform on the street and the show goes underway without a hitch, until Daleth and her with subordinates wreak havoc. Before all of this started though, Zain called Cuff over to have a talk with her to give her thanks for everything. Cuff had listened in on their conversation last episode so she already knew that he was planning on leaving her, and the way he was talking in this episode just made it that much more obvious. I knew there was going to be a confession from him just from the episode title but I didn’t think it would be during this part. I was expecting it during a more dramatic part of the episode but I guess Cuff was the one that handled that part when she gave him her answer lol. Still, with him wanting to tell Cuff everything on his mind it does make sense that would proclaim his love for her when he was planning on leaving her. Very funny that she didn’t even listen to the rest of the confession because she had already ran off in embarrassment, leaving Zain to be a little embarrassed too as a random passerby listened in. Cuff swaying around and trying to act normal (but failing) around Alice and the Duke was very entertaining. Especially when Zain just hovered around them.

At first when Daleth and the girls sabotaged the circus with the plants, I thought it weird how they weren’t more aggressive about it or even remembered the Duke’s curse. I expected even more chaos but I guess the plan was mostly to either capture Zain, or basically threaten him by using his weakness (Cuff) to make him surrender, or in the end use his time magic. Which he did. I will say, the Duke had such a badass moment in the episode when he killed the monster plant and threatened Teto to dare bite him or die. Because he’s just a human there aren’t moments for him to be super cool, but this was definitely the coolest moment for him. And then he went to being cute again when he was glad the audience liked his “performance”. He was genuinely cool for one second then went back to cute the next. He’s trying haha. I can imagine Alice swooning in the background.

But yes, the main stage of this episode was with Zain and Cuff. Cuff is definitely Zain’s weakness and it was smart of Daleth to try anything to make Zain use his magic, since that’s her goal. Cuff avoided using her magic to keep her identity secret from the public, so there really was no choice but for Zain to stop time to save her from a very bad fall. I like that Zain was able to change his views on his magic. He thought that not using his magic would protect Cuff from ever feeling the sadness she felt when her parents were killed, to now using his magic to protect Cuff in a completely different way. He was able to face his fears and go out of his way to protect the one he loves, ultimately making the decision to stay with her. Physically and metaphorically not run away anymore. I’m so glad that he came to this decision (with the power of love), and Cuff just always being there for him. I just really love these two’s dynamic because they really do complement each other so well. They’re such a power couple too, especially now that Zain won’t be afraid to use his magic anymore. So happy to see them officially become a couple and just announce it to everyone later! Yay for not dragging it out! And hey I won’t lie, I was wondering to myself how these two would kiss on account of Zain…well, being a bird man. And well they kissed how I expected them to kiss because honestly how else were they going to? LOL Kissing a beak looks pretty uncomfortable, and possibly painful. Not much they can do there haha. Zain’s reaction after that was really cute too.

And while I said that the Duke had such a badass moment, I think the BEST moment in the episode by far was Cuff coming out of freaking nowhere and punching the hell out of Daleth. I honestly wasn’t expecting it at all and was totally shocked and I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. I already loved Cuff but I love her even more now because that was AMAZING. And well deserved too after all the grief Daleth brought on to the group.

Now my question is, what is Daleth’s goal now? Zain is definitely not going back to the witch’s world now and he won’t help Daleth out. I’m guessing Daleth going up to the Duke and Alice and telling her about Sharon actually being alive was so Alice would want to convince Zain to use his magic too for her mother’s sake. Which is pretty smart but we won’t know if Alice would want that, or if they would want to because it would still benefit Daleth. But it’s definitely going to weigh on their minds. Interesting that Rob is involved in all this too because I wasn’t exactly expecting that since Rob has been just a side character so far. Looks like we’ll see a confrontation with him sooner or later about this. And HOPEFULLY we’ll see how far the connections between the two families go. I want more answers!

Anyways, a great episode! There were other nice moments with the Ringmaster casually asking Zain and Cuff if they were witches and him loving that fact. Because duh he’s married to Amelia. And I’m so happy that he got an update on her. I wish that the Duke and Alice had given him her business card or at least promised that they could be reunite them since some time, so I hope that comes up later. Also I’m such a sucker for the whole “found family” trope so Cuff being so unbelievably happy when the Ringmaster said that they’re all family made me so happy too. Cuff lost her biological family all that time ago but she has a new one now. And a loving partner! Yay!

Judging by next episode’s title, it sounds like we’re going to slow down. We’ve had a lot of excitement with these episodes so it’s not too surprising. I sure do love this momentum though.


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