After an exciting arc, the show is back to its usual roots of nothing really going on except cute moments between the characters. Nothing really happened storywise though it sounds like we’re heading back to the Witch’s World next episode, so it’s a short break. While hardly anything happened it was still a very cute episode.

Still it is a little hard to talk about. The episode was pretty split between three different scenes. The first one being Viola going on a diet due to her gaining weight from eating too many sweets. Walter notices and becomes her trainer. There were a few laughs here and there, and it ended up actually being a pretty wholesome segment between the two of them. We mostly see them at odds, Walter being loud and weird, or Viola teasing him. Walter was genuinely motivating Viola to do better and truly believed in her strength and courage to face difficulties head on, which Viola appreciated. Made her take the diet and exercising seriously and it paid off. The little flashback with them as children was very cute and it showed how they always supported each other. It’s always fun seeing their silly moments together like the whole crossdressing thing, but moments like these are just as nice too.

We do get to see Walter later on as he goes into town like he had mentioned. He goes into a tented area while holding a card, so who knows what the heck he’s getting himself into for next time.

Next segment is with the Duke and Alice coming back from their trip into town, which ended up lasting four days. Rob was very lonely but was showered with love and companionship when the two show him all the gifts they brought from everyone in the circus, and their own gifts. Hugo signing a bottle cork was funny but for some reason Cuff giving Rob a rock that looks like a cat is hilarious. Cuff is so…simple and innocent that imagining her getting excited over a cat-shaped rock makes me happy. This whole segment again was super wholesome as Rob was feeling so lonely and all of a sudden the energy and fun is back in the house and Rob is reminded how loved he is as they all gather to eat snacks and play chess. It’s so heartwarming. They are their own little family now so I enjoy seeing the love they have for each other. Yay!

And the last is Zain and Cuff again! This time on their first date as a couple…except Hugo decided to tag along. But all for very sweet reasons being that he still likes Cuff, but he mostly just enjoys spending time with them because he doesn’t really hang out with his pickpocketing friends from before. Zain and Cuff are basically his friends so it’s nice that he wants to hang with them. It’s interesting that we’re getting so much Zain and Cuff romance. Honestly it feels like we’ve gotten more romance from them than from Alice and the Duke. And hey I really like these two and their interactions continue to be quite cute, but I will admit that I am missing the sweet moments between the Duke and Alice like from episode 1. And it’s not like we haven’t gotten things here and there, but it hasn’t been the main thing.

Anyways, they go on a zoo date and it’s kinda a funny idea seeing as how Zain is part bird. But Cuff was all smiles so it was fine for him. Not too much to say about this other than it was cute, and the red panda being named Lion got the biggest laugh out of me. Mainly because it was standing up and growling at them. Zain is lost in thought because he’s thinking what Daleth’s next move could be. He has an idea what it would be, again being Sharon but he believes there’s more to it. What I did not expect was Zain bringing up wanting to go back in time and stopping the Duke from ever getting his curse. Which, holy crap. That’s actually possible now that he’s willing to use his time magic, but there’s so much that can happen. One, they’d have to go up against Sade which is NOT going to be an easy thing to do considering her reputation. Second, let’s say that they’re able to save the Duke. Won’t that change pretty much everything in the future? Would the Duke still have the relationship he has now with Rob and Alice? I would highly doubt it as they all got close because of his circumstances, same with meeting and becoming friends with Zain and Cuff in the first place. Zain probably already knows that though. I’m guessing this is what he wants to talk about with them on their next visit. Not sure it’ll happen, but it may also not be possible if it’s part of Fate, then there’s nothing he can do about it. A difficult task and decision to make, so we’ll see how that goes.


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