For someone who’s nervous around women, Walter is really good at speaking to and acting around them. He really took the “be nice and respectful to women” thing to heart lol. But I’m just gonna have to go ahead and say it, right? I mean I have to. So uh…

How old is Daleth?

I know there was going to be another romance blossoming in the form of Walter and Daleth based on the first poster that was revealed, as well as the trailer. More romance is great but this was one where I scratched my head and made me go…now wait a minute. Um Walter is younger than the Duke and the Duke should be late teens? And Daleth should be a grown woman soooo…why. But why.

And listen, what Walter told Daleth at the end was actually very sweet. While their situations are very different they actually do have a bit on common. Them feeling inferior to their older siblings, being replacements, and feeling like they’re simply not good enough and having to live in the shadows. In that sense I do actually feel pretty bad for Walter, though I do think he’s mistaken that Viola and his mother don’t love him as much as the Duke. Especially after last episode I think Viola has a much better appreciation for her brother and he just doesn’t know it. Walter is actually a much kinder and compassionate person than he lets on, something that Alice comes to realize herself as Walter goes above and beyond to protect Alice and even deal with those annoying twin brothers to get her pendant back. He even lends a helping hand to the younger twin brother to not let his older brother boss him around, and then again with Daleth. Like I’ve said before, I enjoy watching Walter make a complete fool out of himself because it’s super entertaining but I like seeing this compassionate side to him too. He’s a silly guy that has an extreme inferiority complex but he’s very caring and kind. And even though he’s directing his years worth of anger at the Duke, who does not deserve it, I can at least respect that he chooses to do something about his situation and feelings and has decided to face his “scars” head on so it doesn’t destroy him. Something that he imparts to Daleth so she’s not being controlled by her sister. This was a great Walter episode and I have a newfound appreciation for him. I think the other characters do as well. But uh…I’m not sure about this ship. :/

Oddly enough I feel like that Red Riding Hood segment in the beginning kinda tied into the rest of the episode. Such as the big bad wolf not being a bad wolf and just being a child. Not saying Daleth is a child, but she’s more sensitive than they know and maybe she’s not all that bad. Maybe that’s a reach but it felt connected to me. That isn’t to say that what Daleth has done before is justified, of course it’s not and I still believe she deserved that punch to the face. But there is more going on, and Walter’s words did reach her. Though I did think that she got over her trauma way too easily. She’s been depressed this whole time and goes into hysterics about her face, I find it hard to believe that she would be okay with revealing it to everyone just like that. Maybe it’s been a long time since she was told such kind words by someone, but still.

Now that she’s maybe turned a new leaf, and Walter’s words have touched her heart, does that mean that Daleth is actually going to help our group? Walter is here to find any clues about the Duke’s curse, and Alice is here to confirm what Daleth said about Sharon. I feel at this point she’s going to play a bigger role and hopefully we’ll get some answers to some of our questions. Please I beg. Walter coming to the Sabbath probably helped them all out more than they thought.

Also my goodness we got a lot of Alice’s boobs this episode. The witch outfit sure was something, just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.


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  1. Archaon

    Witches actually live for a very long time. We knew that Daleth and her sister had visited the mansion when the Duke’s grandfather was still in his 30s so we can assume that they just don’t age like human.

    1. Berry

      I suppose but I’m still not sure I’m on board. :/

  2. Berry

    NOTE: Last week’s episode and this week’s episode will be a double post!

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