Well I definitely wasn’t expecting this turn of events, especially when we’re a lot deeper into the story and we’re at the end of this season. By the name of the next episode, it looks like we’ll enter another arc and I don’t think it’ll end in just those two episodes we have left. I have a feeling we’re going to be left with a heck of a cliffhanger, but we’ll see when we get there.

The two characters that showed up at the end of last episode show up again at the Duke’s house, Nico and Ichi. Instead of being witches like I thought, they are actually wizards. Wizards being normal humans that were born with magical powers. Ichi confronts the girls while Nico speaks with the Duke and Zain and drops huge bombshells on them. The most significant one being that he and the wizards in his village were the ones to kill Sade. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this to be quite honest, but I feel like there has to be more to it. Just Nico saying they killed her just like that is pretty underwhelming, and while we got a tiny scene of the battle, it would have been nice to have seen the actual fight. This is the most powerful witch we’re talking about here, it’s a shame that with all this talk about her we’ve barely seen anything with Sade. I get that the mystery is the point, I just hope they reveal more. Especially with just who she was as a person, and her reasoning for “humanity had no business for using magic”. That has nothing to do with the Duke I’d imagine, so again there’s just a lot going on with little to go off of.

We learn that Nico is also placed with a curse that was given to him by Sade herself, an immortality curse. In actuality he’s an old man but was turned into a child by Sade when placed with the curse. And just like the Duke, Nico hasn’t figured out how to break his curse either. The reason he sought out Zain was for a plan that Zain himself had mentioned before: using his time magic to go back to the past to stop or kill Sade before she could ever do anything. With all the methods our characters have tried after all this time, it sounds like this is the only route the story is willing to go with Sade and the curse. And it sounds like this wizardry school that Nico and Ichi mention is going to be absolutely necessary in order to stop her. If it took an entire wizard village (with fatalities) to take her down, then the Duke and the others will absolutely have to prepare themselves. Cuff isn’t happy with how weak she is so it sounds like a training arc is in order. Again I’m not sure how I feel about this since it feels like a late and random addition to the story so I’ll just have to see how it plays out.

It looks like the plan to attend this school and go back in time seems to be a go, but the Duke immediately has some feelings about this. The Duke has always been an extremely kindhearted person, and even with the misery this curse has brought upon him with dragging people down with him and straining his family, he doesn’t want to kill Sade. Everyone else seems hellbent on it, and Nico even suggests that if worse comes to worse the Duke can kill her himself just by touching her. Which is pretty smart, as long as she doesn’t have a counter or immunity to it. But of course taking a life isn’t just something you can do without at least some moral and mental strain. The kindhearted Duke would rather talk it out with her first before they would all have to resort to taking her life. He hopes to be friends with her, which may be naive thinking. Though I think it’s because the Duke has gained so many friends despite his curse that has made him think this way. Before he was a much more negative person but he’s changed to the complete opposite, now with the hope that he and the others can turn things around without violence and revenge. Though I can’t believe none of them even mentioned how the future could be affected from this entire plan. I mentioned it before when Zain brought up this plan, but the reason why Alice and the Duke got as close as they did was because of the curse. There’s been ups and downs with this curse, and while he’d rid of all the negatives the curse has brought upon him, the positives will be erased too. It’s too complicated of a mission for them to just agree to it willy nilly without really thinking about it. And will it even be possible to talk her out of it? At least with this mission we’d go back in time and see the connection between her, Sharon, and the Duke’s family. So at least we’d get ALL the answers so…I guess this is the only way.

Next time we’re going to wizard school! I have no idea what to expect now, how long this arc will last and what it will entail. Nico and Ichi seem cool enough though I don’t feel too strongly for either of them. They’ll probably strut their stuff at Hogwarts, I am pretty curious about the wizards of this world.

Also RIP Rob. He was so adorably excited for the pillow fight only for everyone to disappear. They gotta make it up to him. 🙁


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