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Holy smokes. I somehow managed to finish rewatching Season 1 and 2 of Yes! Precure 5 within a week. I’m dead, BUT I MADE IT YOU GUYS! And I’m so glad I binged the hell of out the first two seasons this week for a refresh. I would’ve been kicking myself so bad if I ended having to put it off because of my schedule!!!

[Watches OP and sees Saki and Mai]

NOOOOOOOOO I DOn’T REMEMEBER ANYTHING FROM THEIR SERIES!!!!!!! Oh dear god. I hope this won’t affect the watching experience too much. TT ^ TT

Though I will confess I did kinda cheat to make this work by skimming through the unimportant scenes like the journalist kid, and other things that didn’t feel was worth my time when I had a time crunch going on here. But MAN, I really didn’t remember anything because I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT NUTS EXISTED! RIP. Poor dude, I really liked his character too… I did sacrifice sleep for this to happen, but you gotta do what you gotta do! BUT I DIGRESS, LET’S DIG INTO THE PRESENT EPISODE!

Man, talk about  a heavy start to the story. It’s no secret that there’s a lot of hopeless involved with the realities of the adult world and the future that is a subject that hits close to home. It’s interesting to see how the characters, now all grown up, cope with the problems many of us face. Just because you work hard doesn’t mean it’ll always work out, and even though you want to help someone doesn’t mean you can.

I also found it really interesting and clever how they decided to launch the episode with the subject of Global Warming. It actually made me wonder if this was going to be an environmentally focused plot-line at first, but as the episode progressed, I began to wonder if it’s purpose was to demonstrate how people just don’t care, or rather stopped caring altogether and have given up, and highlights the sense of cause of becoming apathetic to others and greater issues, and hopelessness and despair that comes with it. This episode also briefly touched on the stress of financial difficulty and broken marriage, and how it takes a toll of people.

We can see how Nozomi still has that innocent part of her that always look to see the best of the situations, but she was so tunnelled vision on trying to help Rumi continue pursuing her dream, that she forget that there’s other contributing factors involved to the kid’s parents decisions, and the school can only do so much for their students. When she tried to present some solutions, she was met with spite and anger, as the father has a load on his shoulders with business failing, wife filing for divorce and now forced to move back with his parents in the countryside. There’s no magical wand to solve these problems, especially when there’s multiple factors at play.

Same goes for Rin, though she is much more grounded with the fact that hard work always pay off. She took a quiz that indicated that she’s currently deeply unsatisfied with herself, and that makes sense given that her company hasn’t been using any of her designs as of the late. It’s discouraging, and if that wasn’t enough to kick her in the gut for the day, she wasn’t doing so hot in soccer either.

No magical transformations this week, but the fact we were introduced scary new villain (which an awesome design), and some real creepy monsters that appears to spawn from the ‘seeds’ (I’m going to call them or now)  from people’s hopelessness and despair. Now we got they are roaming about the city in droves, so yes it’s as Kurumi says, they have been gathered together by fate once more for a greater purpose! (To become precures once more!)

And speaking of Kurumi, I am actually really surprised to see that she decided to permanently stay in the girls’ world instead. This does make things a whole lot less complicated as it’d cover the reason why Coco and Nuts aren’t tagging along. I do wonder whether they’ll make a cameo or any reappearance though, I highly doubt it though. It appears apart from Nozomi and Rin, the girls haven’t actually seen each other in a long time, which makes sense given they’ve all pursued different paths and are busy with their own lives.

That said, I’m really excited to see how this series will turn out. This is a problem that is unfolding in their world. With these monsters about, it seems certain that we’ll be seeing them transform, which is super exciting to how they’ll go about this, especially with the problems we face. As Nozomi said in the beginning of the episode: There’s more than one future, it changes based on your decisions.

Possibility of Blogging: High
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed


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  1. V.

    Oh damn…guilty confession: for some reason, Splash Star never hit off with me so I never watched it beyond the first couple of episodes. Back when I had more time, I did watch the most important episodes for both Yes! PreCure5 seasons, so I sincerely hope that I won’t be left clueless on Saki and Mai’s matter.

    1. Eva

      [handshake] I can’t remember Splash Star for the life of me, it’s been far too long, heck I don’t even remember how I felt about it or if I ever actually finished it 100%! Hopefully we’ll be given enough of a recap about them to get the gist of things, but I’ll definitely have to give that show a rewatch sometime in the future when I have more time to see how I feel about it!

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