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Nothing like kicking off a start of a series of loops with: ANNULLING ENGAGEMENT! Not gonna lie, I always found it rather hilarious this would be the trope of “annual engagement” to set the stage for the “villainness” or in this case “freedom”! But unfortunately or fortunately (I guess the later would apply when you consider the timing and circumstances) for whatever reason, the loop for Rishe redoing her life always starts then. I’m curious to find out if there’s a particular reason why she always restarts at that exact moment, and better yet, I wonder how and why the loop began in the first place, and whether this will merely be left as an unexplained plot-device or something that will actually be given an explanation later on.

The first episode spent the first thirteen minutes recapping Rishe’s previous six lives, which was pretty much establishing the base of what she has learned and gained in those lives before she ended up being killed in the same war over and over again.

  • First Life: She was exiled from the kingdom and framed for a list of crimes, abandoned by her family. And then she met a band of travelling merchants and joined Aira Trading Company.  She learned how to be a merchant, and set about on her own. Led a very fulfilling life, until she was swept up in war and lost her life.
  • Second Life: She’s confused how she came back to the very moment the prince is annualing her engagement. She was thankful for a second chance at life. She wanted to pack more of her personal belongings to prepare for the merchant life, and sought to meet the merchants again. But she ended up missing them because she had went straight home. She decides to sell all her possessions and went overseas to grow medical herbs. She even treated a prince of the royal family. But again, the war got her killed.
  • Third Life: She wastes no time, and seeks to find a specialized branch of Doctor Michel Evan to continue her research from her previous life. Life is comfortable until the war takes her life again.
  • Fourth Life: Serving as a handmaid in a duke’s household – unexpected turn of events, but okay.
  • Fifth Life: *Curiously this one was glossed over entirely. Whether there’s a reason for that is left to seen.
  • Sixth Life: She served as a knight, which is how she ended up getting killed by Arnold himself.

Rishe is a pretty level-headed heroine, and she adapts rather quickly, though some may say too quickly, especially in the first life. She has grown to be gracious and was never revenge driven, which is nice because I mean, leave the past behind and go on and live your life, right? Who needs that foolish prince anyways? She’s better off without him! Well I guess it helps that she’s not being unjustly executed or assassinated by their ex’s and evil lovers, like some other heroines in other series, but that besides the point!

But I suppose her luck of finding a good start is balanced out with her poor and seemingly inevitable fate of constantly being killed by the same war that is led by none other than the (at the time) Galkhein’s Emperor Arnold Hein. So perhaps the seventh time is the charm, as she ends up bumping into the said (presently) crown prince Arnold, and lived at that. I don’t think people were really supposed to know that he was in the area– I mean, not even the idiotic crown prince whose-name-not-worth-remembering knew who he was. Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t try to silence her, but then again, that was hardly the place to draw blood and make a scene if you will. Though they could’ve simply pursued her and finished her off once she was outside of the palace grounds if they were legitimately concerned about her knowing his true identity and presence– ANYWAYS. I’m more surprised she didn’t actually freak out– I mean… uh, she quite literally just started her loop again immediately after he killed her. I found her to be a bit too calm when all things are considered.

Needless to say, her brazen and tomboyish antics is what caught Arnold’s eye. Certainly not everyday one would see a noble lady hop off the balcony of the second floor and walk off like it was nothing. While he did say he was going to follow after her, I didn’t actually expect him to show up in front of the crowd and freaking propose to her right then and there. Her confusion is an understatement– after-all, they have literally just met, and it’s probably been less than fifteen minutes ago of their first encounter. Was it really love at first sight? Or did he see her potential skills, solidifying his confidence when she revealed her swordsmanship when he ambushed her by grabbing a guard’s sword to counter him as someone fit to be his wife. I couldn’t tell you, we hardly know the guy!

But given how it’s said to be his war that ends up taking her life for the past six times, and the last with him being the one to do it with his own hands, this is certainly a great example of keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. She could be treading on a tightrope if she marries this guy, potentially more exposed to danger than ever before (and likely so), but at the same time, she’d also be with someone incredibly powerful. And with all the knowledge and skills she has gained in her past lives, will likely lead to serving as a useful asset that will be worth protecting.

Overall this wasn’t too shabby of a premiere, not too much happened but it has intrigued me enough to keep watching. I must say though, I was surprised by just how bloody the first four minutes were. But weirdly, the blood didn’t bother me because of the color they used. Maybe because it was constantly associated to roses, which were the same shade, or maybe because it looked like paint as result of it— but either way, it surprised me that it didn’t freak me out. Usually blood splatter like that makes me really queasy. Well I guess it helps that there weren’t any limbs and gore flying everywhere, that’s when I really can’t handle it. Thank god there was none of that!

So color me interested, I’m willing to give this one a few episodes to see how it goes!

Possibility of Blogging: Moderate – Will give this three episodes to get a feel of it!
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed


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  1. Vance

    “Was it really love at first sight? Or did he see her potential skills, solidifying his confidence when she revealed her swordsmanship when he ambushed her by grabbing a guard’s sword to counter him as someone fit to be his wife. I couldn’t tell you, we hardly know the guy!”

    Maybe it’s both those things, or it could be love at first glance of seeing her skills. Perhaps Arnold could tell by the way Rishe jumped off the balcony and handled her landing on the ground as being an indicator that she was trained in combat. He did say that she is a swordmaster as he had suspected. Maybe he also took a shine to her because she called him the Emperor as well.

    1. Eva

      Girl got brains, guts and can fight! Certainly enough to justify his interest! And there’s bound to never be a dull moment! Hahahaha!

  2. zztop

    Having read the webnovel, I always felt the villainess part of the title is a rather big misnomer – Riche certainly doesn’t seem like a villainess in any way. I always felt the author only used the villainess tag to justify the engagement annulment setup and make the novel fit a popular genre tag.

    Also a quick warning, the story’s most intriguing plot points have yet to be answered since the novel is still ongoing – I think the author is purposely sitting on them until whenever the finale arc is written.

    1. Eva

      I’ve picked up the first few volumes, the first one just arrived actually and the second one got canceled on me RIP, so now I have only Vol 1 and 3 LMAO! Yeah I never really understood the ‘villainess’ part, though I suppose you could say that by being the wife of the guy who starts the war (though i suspect there’s probably a story behind it.) I’m looking forward to seeing it pan out!

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