Episode 3

This was a great episode, but I don’t have a whole lot to say about it, so this will be very short.

It seems we’re getting a lot of ballroom dance scenes in various series as the late, which is fun to see how each of them all go about it. At first the dance between Arnold and Rishe looked it’d just be a simple one, but nahhhhhhh, it became the battle for the lead! It was so much fun to watch, especially with the way Arnold responded to Rishe’s challenge. He really kept her on her toes alright, and that freaking finisher! Brilliant! Definitely my favourite scene of the episode! THE FREAKING CHEMISTRY MAN! It was clear he was having a lot of fun, hehehe.

During the dance though, Rishe had noticed something off about Arnold that she picked up in her past life when she fought him as well. Turns out he has a terrible scar, of a horrific wound that runs along the top of his shoulder all the way to his neck that still affects him to this day. He wouldn’t tell her why or how he suffered such injury in the first place, but man… It’s bound to be a harrowing tale when he does…

Also side note: Damn Arnold, really putting Rische first with the way he freaking finished that spicy-tampered drink that she insisted on finishing so it wouldn’t go to waste!

In other news, Rishe has finally selected her personal maids, and in nature of her forgiving personality, she’s one to give people second chances and try to get a better understanding of them before inflicting any major judgments. That was the case for Maria, who at first impression looked like a maid taking advantage of her position to pick on the new maids, but instead she was merely repeating the way she had been treated when she first arrived. It was nice to see her turn a new leaf however, now being responsible as an educator for the maids to teach them how to read and write.

Episode 4

It looks like we’re starting to finally to get into the political games of things, with Rische finally meeting Theodore, Arnold’s younger brother, the politics of Arnold’s proposed policies of benefiting the people, and the partnership with Aria Trading Company not set in stone.

Starting with Aria Trading Company, things did not go as Rische had hoped. As seen in her previous lifetimes, deviations to her actions creates a toss-up of whether she would be able to reforge the relationships she has had in the past. In this case, Kaine doesn’t see her as a good client, she has nothing to truly offer them. Instead he thinks rather than a client, he sees potential of her being a business partner— but that didn’t mean he was going to agree to work with her without any conditions or results. So now she has one week to think of a business that would be successful in the capital.

As result of that we did get to see Arnold get himself involved to some extent. He seems to also seem cautious of other things going on (particularly with his brother at the moment), such as going as far as telling her that from now on, he’ll now accompany Rische whenever she goes into town. Whatever it is, he doesn’t feel comfortable with just leaving her to the guards, despite the fact he knows she’s probably capable of protecting herself so as long as she has a weapon on her, which, I imagine she does. He had also expressed concern about whether she had gotten hurt or not, which further highlights how he is being particularly attentive. But I really like we’re getting the chance to see this side of Arnold. In her past life, Rische only knew Arnold as a man who started the war that killed her in one way or another in every life she has lived so far, and then previously by the very man himself. And now she’s seeing all sort of different sides of him, and I have to say he’s acting very much like a husband already haha. Their conversations are really pleasant to watch, and I particularly liked the scene when she had decided abruptly to cook for him, only to remember she’s actually a terrible cook, or so she claims. Arnold would beg to differ as he actually enjoyed the soup she had cooked for them. It was cozy just to see them having a super casual meal together, without all the extravagance.

As for the politics of things, there was a funny moment that made me laugh when Rische gave Arnold fist pump of encouragement when he was dealing with a noble that was protesting his proposed policy. The funniest part was that Arnold not responding to her right away, because it looked as though he didn’t quite get it. Instead the second time she did, it seems it finally clicked to him what she was trying to convey, that earned her a smile and he broke down the reasons why his suggested policy would be beneficial to the noble. His explanation ended up persuading the noble that it would be good, but I do wonder whether the previous statement that was made about his father would not be happy about it would still hold despite the benefits it would offer, which I believe, might have been the first we actually heard Arnold’s father actually being brought up in conversation?

Speaking of family, there’s Arnold’s little brother Theodore who we did get a glimpse of eavesdropping on them in the previous episode. Theodore is sure suspicious as hell right now, but that’s mostly in his personality giving off the “Hey watch out for this guy!” flags with the way he is not discreet about how he’s not pleased with the fact Rische is satisfied with his brother. It looked as though he was hoping to get her on his side with the way he claimed that he wanted to “save her”. Sure dude, whatever you say. The letter in her room was predictable as heck because at this point, we all know that Arnold would just meet her in the room to talk, so there’s no real reason to be going to the chapel for a secret conversation in the first place. But Rische being Rische, despite Arnold’s warning to steer clear of his little brother, she’s willing to stick her nose into anything that might give her more leads to preventing the war from happening in the first place. All we know right now is that the brothers relationship is very complicated and is filled with tension to the point not even Rische’s retainers could tell her what’s going on. It was simply not their place to say, but they’ve been given orders and know very well to keep Rische away from Theodore.

Either way, Theodore is not one to be trusted right now– at least not until they clear the air and prove that he isn’t plotting on backstabbing Arnold in order to become the heir to the throne.


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  1. Vance

    After the first three episodes, I was wondering whether this series will have a happy ending for the leads. Arnold has already made it clear he hates his country, the Galkhein Empire, in both Episodes 2 and 3. In Episode 2, he made it clear he dislikes that Galkhein bills itself as a meritocracy when people of low social status/humble origins are looked down upon. He also said to Rishe: “This country doesn’t possess anything worth your admiration or longing.” In episode 3, Arnold said to Oliver that he didn’t bring Rishe here to be my wife to benefit the imperial family or the nation, which shows he has no intent of helping the Galkhein Empire out materially in any way.

    I wouldn’t call it the show’s subtext as it isn’t really hidden, but I believe the author wants readers and viewers to know that Arnold absolutely detests monarchies. Perhaps the whole reason for the world war that has killed Rishe in every loop so far is that Arnold wants to annihilate every monarchy in the world and start a worldwide revolution/reformation. He may have said during his negotiation with Rishe if it was for her that he’d be willing to do anything, but I wonder how true this will end up being if Rishe pushes back in any meaningful way upon learning about the utter contempt he has for his country and its ruling class.

    This show could end up being a clash of worldviews, and either Rishe forces Arnold to look at the world from a different perspective other than his own, or Rishe will have to kill him by exploiting his old wound from his younger days. I see it fitting Rishe’s character to try to reform Galkhein peacefully after Arnold has died to honour his desire for the world to change. I think this story’s climax will be Rishe going up against Arnold and trying to beat him in a battle of wills. Maybe a different approach will be taken, but what I described makes sense to me given how early in the show we are finding out what kind of man Arnold is.

    I believe Episode 4 perhaps indicates there’s some merit to my belief that Arnold wants to start a worldwide reformation given he is implementing policies that benefit commoners. He probably wouldn’t be satisfied with fixing the Galkhein empire and will set to destroy every monarchy in the world. If that’s the case, Rishe will really have her work cut out for her if it’s something Arnold has intended to do for years since it probably won’t be something Arnold will easily back down from.

    Theodore seems very suspicious. Maybe he is the one that have Arnold that nasty scar considering how he’s trying to woo Rishe and “save her” from Arnold. His very creepy smiles suggests that the author does intend for viewers to find him suspect, and there has to a reason Arnold does not want Rishe interacting with him, going so far as to not even tell her the reason for doing so.

    Rishe’s garden and soup she made for Arnold probably indicate her plan is to offer the Aria Trading Company medicinal herbs that can be used in food for its health benefits and perhaps taste benefits as well.

    1. Eva

      //Perhaps the whole reason for the world war that has killed Rishe in every loop so far is that Arnold wants to annihilate every monarchy in the world and start a worldwide revolution/reformation.//

      o_o Damn… Hadn’t thought of it to that extent, but if that were to be his grand scheme… That’d be wild, dramatic and super angsty. Just my cup of tea hehehe… The idea of Arnold and Rische eventually having to face each other again would be an unexpected twist given how things are unfolding between them at the moment.

      I too am suspicious that Theodore might be behind his neck wounds. Seems to be the type to stab him over and over again.

      I agree, her medicines and herbs are probably the key produce, and you could say even the remedy she left the Kaine for everyone’s hangover might prove to be popular as well.

      1. Vance

        I wouldn’t call it an unexpected twist for them to face each other again. I think Episode 3 actually hints that it may be inevitable.

        Given how Arnold is trying to implement policies that help commoners right now, that he didn’t include improving the nation as being one of the reasons for making Rishe his future wife in Episode 3 suggests that he doesn’t believe widespread reform is possible in Galkhein or the world even if he were to become the Emperor of Galkhein, so the blood-stained future that has seen the death of Rishe in every previous loop so far is probably on course to manifest itself again.

        1. Eva

          I think the twist would be Rishe being the one to kill Arnold. But I don’t think she would. Instead I think it’s more likely she’d try to save him from himself.

  2. Vance

    So apparently, the author of this series tweeted how to interpret certain things, and the ED with a young Rishe and young Arnold is a fantasy What If scenario imagined by Arnold.


    The author’s tweet make me believe I might be on to something with regards to there possibly being no good end unless Rishe kills Arnold. Given that the ED is a fantasy Arnold came up with in his mind, maybe there is nothing Rishe can do to stop the war from happening outside of killing Arnold if his whole outlook on life has been shaped by what happened in his youth before he met Rishe. Rishe may try to create alliances with her past lives’ acquaintances, but perhaps that doesn’t move the needle in any way since they have no say or influence on whether there will be a war.

    1. Eva

      Nice to see some clarity on that, thanks for sharing!

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