[SQUEALS] Oh man oh man oh man! Just when you thought it couldn’t get more romantic, it does~!

Itsuomi’s confession to Yuki was so freaking beautiful! It was so romantic, and seeing how quickly he has picked up Sign Language is also something to admire. He has put a lot of work into it to be able to confess his feelings to her that way, and it’s such a lovely thing to see.

And that’s the great thing about Itsuomi. He will act upon his feelings if his gut tells him to, just like how he lets himself just wander wherever, without booking things in advance. Initially he was going to wait until he got back from his month long trip, but in many ways his decision to confess now was a good one. It not only gave Yuki assurance that their feelings were in-fact mutual, but this also prevents any regrets of not doing so sooner.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was just how much Itsuomi is actually head over heels for Yuuki! He even told Kyouya he doesn’t see them breaking up, which indicates he’s in this for the long haul, possibly even already has marriage in mind down the road. He’s ready to show her the world, and even told her to make sure to get a passport so that one day, they’ll have the opportunity to travel together.

There were definitely moments when I was worried for Yuki missing out, such as not realizing he wasn’t looking when she confessed to him, and then when she was looking down when he had initially confessed to her at the apartment by asking if it’s okay for him to like her. The timing was off for that one, but fortunately they got the chance to meet up once more that evening before he left on his trip to get themselves on the same page. That last embrace too at the door, UGH SO PRECIOUS! MAKES ME ALL WARM AND FUZZY INSTEAD! PERFECTION!

And again in many ways: It’s hilarious how quickly Itsuomi and Yuki were able to progress with making their feelings clear to each other compared to Kyouya and Rin who are still very shy around one another. Those two can’t keep up with them!

I’m not gonna lie, because Oushi has made himself so aggravating, seeing him ask Yuki’s mother for her contact information kinda made my blood boil. Her mother has always been under the impression he and Yuki are good friends because he had learned Sign Language, and yet this surprises me because if they were, wouldn’t Yuki talk about him some more? Anyhow I don’t really like that Oushi seems to be pushing his boundaries here. Perhaps it’s because I know how overbearing he is when it comes to what he thinks Yuki and  people of the deaf/hard of hearing community in general, that the whole “you can leave Yuki’s in my hands” rubs me the wrong way. I feel like it’d be better said if there was a mutual trust, which there is not with the said individual of the matter. The last thing I want to see is Oushi being a nuisance, when it’s absolutely not his place to get in the way of Itsuomi’s and Yuki’s newfound relationship. He probably will though, as he’s already having suspicions of Rin being Yuki’s alibi if she decides to stay the night at Itsuomi’s or something. Like seriously, it’s none of his business, and even more so when he’s just a selfish brat who believes just because he can speak Sign Language, that he’s the only person who is qualified to be her friend.

Well too bad for him, the new challenger who has arrived isn’t twiddling his thumbs doing nothing, and has invested time in quickly picking up the language (though they do say that those who speak multiple languages tend to have an easier time doing so). He’s about to get his rude awakening when Itsuomi gets back from his trip. Furthermore, he’ll be even more shook when he learns Itsuomi is in this for the long haul, not some fling like he wants to believe.

And finally, we briefly saw Shin show up at the bar not long after Itsuomi and Yuki had already left together. I don’t know if it’s for the better or not, but it’s hard to say. Either way, thanks to Rin, Itsuomi got the chance to clear up the misunderstanding about Emma– well sorta, since Yuki didn’t fully understand what he meant by lent Emma his apartment. He said he won’t let her stay there again, which is a good call though I’m sure this girl is going to throw a tantrum when she gets the news about that. Itsuomi is here for the long haul, and he’s not about to let this selfish girl ruin it for him.


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