This week we were introduced to Rishe’s mentor in her third life, Professor Michel, an Alchemist. It goes without saying, he’s a mysterious character in many ways. One would certain raise a brow with the the with the way he precisely managed to find Rishe while she was working in the garden, and just by looking at the so-called ‘foreign plants’ in her garden, he called out on her what should’ve been, a secret incentive to give Prince Kyle a new treatment for his illness. On top of all of that, he was also the one who arranged the meet with Prince Kyle and Rishe so that he could receive the medicine— to which Michel simply shoved it down Kyle’s throat the moment he had agreed to give it a shot.

Although Rishe always had a good relationship with her professor, that didn’t mean they always seen eye to eye. There was one thing that did contribute to the two of them going their separate ways, and that related to the new compound that Michael had created.

Unlike Michel, Rishe has always been determined to use her skills and knowledge to make people happy (as we’re seeing in action now), meanwhile Michel believes it’s a mistake for her to determine other’s happiness. He uses an example of: If something was born into this world as poison, then its reason for being would be to fulfill its role and bring misfortune to people. This is very a twisted, and deeply concerning perspective, one that Rishe could never bring herself to see eye to eye with him when it involved a certain compound. At the time, Michel is looking for the right person to use his new substance exactly as he intends it to. And at the time when Rishe had last spoken to him, he had said such person doesn’t exist. But after Arnold gave her his pocket-watch, Rishe came to the startling realization that the right candidate who could utilize such compound as Michel intended would in-fact be none other than Arnold. He is the type of person who never hesitates to test and wield new technology, and knows how to capitalize on its advantages. The pocket-watch he decided to give to Rishe to help her keep track of time is a perfect example of that. He has always used it as a tool during his battles, by keep tracking of the time to build his strategies.

And now the two of them have met…. If that isn’t an “Oh shit,” moment, I don’t know what is. This is the exact scenario Rishe would have liked to have avoided had she had realized sooner what it would mean if Arnold were be introduced to the substance Michel has created.

I will say, I do have a big theory that had formed while reading the books involving Professor Michel, but I’m not going to dive into it because there’s a lot of details that haven’t been introduced in the anime just yet.

And then finally, there’s the tension that has formed between Arnold and Prince Kyle. We finally learned the real reason why Prince Kyle had made the trip in the first place.

Coyolles is in a precarious situation. They do not have enough people or resources to form a formidable military of their own. So Prince Kyle is seeking out Galkhein’s military aid in protecting their country, even if it means turning them into a vassal state. Contrary to Arnold’s intimidating reputation among the common folks, Prince Kyle had been able to at least get enough information to uncover that Arnold has implemented many good policies for his people. That is why he felt he’s the right person to approach. However there’s one thing that he had deliberately left out that Arnold knew about: Coyolles is running dry of their main resource for their economy: Minerals. With means, contrary to what Kyle had said, they have nothing to offer in return for Galkhein’s protection.

Arnold calls him out on this and more, such as questioning the value of the existence of a royal family with such naivety, claims that still: Despite all of that, he would rather invade and take control of a country than join hands, suits him much better.

…Which brings us to the first branching point. Since Rishe had been able to overhear this conversation, now she needs to figure out how to turn this situation around, and come up with some sort of idea to change Arnold’s mind.

Lastly the author of 7th Loop has created a table she has been updating for anime viewers to keep track of the anime’s progress with the novel and manga. Definitely check it out if you’re looking to see what’s been included and so on forth. I have also made a list of extra information that was left out from the episode, which you can check out underneath the tweet below!

The English version of the table is on the second image!

Extra Tidbits

For those who are interested: Here are pieces of information from the novel that were left out in this episode. Some of this might be mentioned later, but I’ll plug it in here so you can get better context of the conversations that were had. I tried to do this quickly, so I might have missed a few points, but here’s the gist of it!

    • The main reason why Rishe’s ring is being crafted by Coyolles Artisans is because Galkhein prioritizes military power. So because people train to become soldiers,  they have very few artisans. And with fewer people buying jewellery, many craftsmen ended up becoming soldiers anyways after losing their jobs.
    • As Coyolles is a nation that remains indoors for the duration of the brutal winters, this gives them time to polish their skills as Artisans.
    • The country of Coyolles in a very precarious position, where they are at mercy of destruction at their neighbouring countries whims. This is exactly what happens in the previous loops, as Coyolles surrendered to Emperor Arnold immediately, but their surrounding neighbours refused, and forced them to fight, leading to terribly causalities. (This tragedy proves the point Prince Kyle is seeking to avoid by trying to become Galkhein’s vassal state.)
    • The reason why Arnold said Prince Kyle’s request was foolish was because the aid he’s asking for is from a country separated by the sea, under the pretense to wage a war against his neighbouring nations.
    • Arnold lectures Kyle quite a bit about the art of war. Honestly it’s too bad they didn’t have enough time to include it.


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