Yay I’m all caught up! Let’s get down to it!

Yuki finally got a job thanks to Madoka’s aunt! Yay! She certainly found a fabulous employer, Madoka’s aunt got great energy about her (and happens to be very similar too). She always wanted to give back to Madoka’s friends from the school of deaf since they have made her brighter again. It definitely helps that she knows a bit of Sign Language as well, which is a bonus to boot.

Yuki had a difficult time today at the grocery store because the woman she usually gets help with was busy, and another employee, meaning to be helpful had taken her to his cash to check out her items. But because he was wearing a mask, she couldn’t figure out what he was saying at all and began to panic. And this is a perfectly natural reaction. I too get really stressed out when I’m unable to hear or make out what’s being said. You panic because not only you’re confused, but you also don’t want to be an inconvenience to others. In short, it’s always a terrible position to be in.

Fortunately Oushi happened to be around, so he was able to get her out of the pickle. It was nice of him to offer to help going with her to the grocery store when she needs it, but what really stood out to me when he said that, was how Yuki responded it how it was weird to see him being nice to her. Despite my qualms with Oushi, it was endearing to see he had started studying Sign Language for real when he wanted to make the world a better place for her in his own way. I just wished he had been more upfront about that, and less prickly jerk he even described himself to be. It was also really endearing to see how unbeknownst to him, he was a source of comfort for Yuki when she first entered college, because in a world where nobody understood she couldn’t hear them, there was Oushi, who could communicate to her what was going on around her. And that offered her a lot of comfort.

But still, all of this goes back to my problem touched on back in the previous post. The relationship between Yuki and Oushi comes off as too superficial, that I don’t really see these two as friends. To me, they feel nothing more than acquaintances, or at least it’s just super one-sided on Oushi’s part, as it seems to be he’s the only one making the initiatives her. He’s the one who always looking out for her, not the other way around. And it certainly didn’t help that the way Yuki went on to say how it had just hit her how much she doesn’t know about Oushi just seemed to solidify that point. At best, Yuki understands that Oushi is a good guy deep down, which we got to see more of his good sides today.

And finally last but not least, Shin finally broke the news to Emma. About bloody time. Though I will admit it was almost a bit anticlimactic with how the tension was built up to this point. I did like the subtle detail of him trembling when he confessed to her though (in a round about way). Emma was genuinely shocked about it, especially after he shot himself in the foot back in high-school about how he’d never date her. Honestly not really sure what to make out of her reaction at this point, but it seems like she’s accepting that it’s over for her.

Next week is the final episode, and Itsuomi and Yuki will finally be going on a real first date! While Yuki is motivated to save up for travel, it was good to see Itsuomi remind her that there’s plenty of things out there to do for free. No need to worry about stretching herself thin, and it’s okay for her to plan other things. Looking forward to it!


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