It has been… a while. And I SHOULD have been working on Attack on Titan posts… but stuff kept coming up so I’ve been pushing that off but I WILL get them up… eventually. >_> ANYWAYS, we’re finally back with Demon Slayer!!! Though I will admit I am not as excited for this season after last season left me feeling… a little dissatisfied with the series. However, I am willing to see this through as least it doesn’t sap my sanity like say Spy x Family did. Though I am a little wary going into this season since it’s supposed to mainly be a training arc, which… isn’t the most eventful thing to happen in series. I’m hoping we do get some action in this season or else I don’t know if a training arc season can keep the attention of viewers. But I am definitely excited to see more of the remaining Hashira’s though.

I found it funny how they showcased the two initially most unlikable Hashira at the start and man, their abilities are pretty dang cool. I really like how every Hashira have a very specific fighting style that is very different from each other. With Sanemi, his fighting style is incredibly aggressive and almost feels like a villain’s way of fighting with the way he just completely tears through and rips the demons apart. Or I guess very thug-like. Very much like him lol. And then there’s Obanai who has yet another interesting sword that seems to weave??? I’m very interested to get to know his sword fighting style since it’s so unique and almost seems like it would pair really well with Mitsuri’s. Coincidence, I think NOT.

While it was not explicit, I do appreciate that despite Obanai and Sanemi shown not in the best light in the first season, I really do like that they actually do prioritize others’ lives during missions. Despite Sanemi sending the other two demon slayers away by saying they’d just get in his way, we saw that they were almost killed on several occasions during that demon swarm attack if not for the two Hashira intervening and saving them. And when the demon tossed the kidnapped woman off the roof, he didn’t see it as a chance to kill the demon, but he hesitated in concern. Thankfully Obanai came in and caught her, safely retrieving her. In another anime, these two seem like they wouldn’t care for other people’s lives and would only think about getting the job done not matter who gets hurt. However, because of their profession, while they do want to exterminate demons, there needs to be at least a semblance of care for human life. And while the two have very brutish and blunt personalities, they still exhibit the same core beliefs of wanting to protect other people from demons. I do really like the almost contradictory way these characters are. Making me the most excited to learn more about them. We already know a little bit of Sanemi’s situation with his family and can empathize with. So it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of him from now on, especially now that Genya will most likely run into him this season.

I do wonder if that one demon was sent to try and find Nezuko, so that’s why all the young women have been disappearing. Though, if that’s the case, you’d think Muzan would just put Nezuko’s face into all of his demons’ minds so that they’d know what she looks like instead of going on a while goose chase looking for her and kidnapping random women. And there HAS to be a connection with Muzan because of that trippy castle thing that the demon retreated to. So it’s more than likely he was sent by Muzan to try and find Nezuko. I have a feeling that beginning part may have been anime only, so I might never get the answer since I don’t want to check the manga since I’m not a manga reader for this series.

The Hashira have a meeting over the previous events, basically just giving us a recap of the first season. However, things turn interesting when it is revealed that the Master’s health has declined to a state where he can no longer see the Hashira in person anymore. We knew his health was worsening, but I didn’t think it would get to such a state in such a short amount of time. And it probably feels devastating to the Hashira since all of them have such high respect for him and if not for them, most of them if not all of them probably wouldn’t be here now. It does feel like there are a lot of things that are dependent on time now. Especially since the Master might not live for much longer. I am glad that at least everyone seems to be aware that Muzan is most likely gunning for Nezuko and wasn’t just left to find out the hard way. So now they can at least take precautions on how to protect her and try and prevent Muzan from getting her. Because at this point, if they fail to stop Muzan from devouring Nezuko, it feels like there would be almost nothing left to stop him if he’s able to conquer the sun. An all out war between demon slayers and demons is brewing and I’m glad everyone knows that they NEED to prepare for it.

Okay, finally we are getting a bit more info on the marks, which drove me crazy last season since it felt a little too random for my liking. Though I still am a bit iffy about the amount of power they give people, especially with how anticlimactic the battle with Gyokko was. But I guess we’ll have to see how things play out from this point on. I will say however that I do appreciate that it can actually spread to other people rather it JUST being Tanjiro. Since I have liked how most Demon Slayer battles seem to be more about defeating the enemy as a team rather than a solo kill. Though it did annoy me how they just left us hanging about what would happen to those with marks even if I do know what she most likely said because I am a filthy TV tropes reader. But I’ll talk more about it when they finally decide to reveal that tidbit.

While I don’t particularly vibe with demon slayer’s comedy most of the time, I admit that after Mitsuri’s explanation of how she got the mark and leaving everyone deadpan confused, did make me cackle. Especially since I already knew that Mitsuri wouldn’t be able to properly explain how she got the mark and she did not disappoint lol.

And then there’s Giyu. Ever since season one, I’ve just been incredibly neutral with Giyu. He has the stoic but has silly moments quirk that I like in male characters… but for some reason I just never cared that much about him. So I do hope that this season will kind of expand upon him more so maybe I can get to like him. But I will admit that the way he spoke to the other Hashira did feel a bit demeaning and I don’t even blame Sanemi from getting angry at him. Especially since on the surface, it does sound like he’s looking down on them and saying that it’d be a waste of time for him to take part in the Hashira training to prepare for the upcoming war that is bound to happen. Because of my TV trope reading ways, I do actually know what he actually meant by saying all that, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. It drives me crazy when people don’t fully expand upon what they actually mean and because Giyu is withholding information, he just ends up causing rifts between the other Hashira because on the surface, his words do sound pretty bad. I have noticed that what he says and what he thinks are almost completely different and this moment is no different. And because he never actually says what he’s thinking, he just ends up frustrating others with his blunt and curt answers that don’t really give others much to go on. Which is most likely why Shinobu told him that nobody likes him.

Though I will say that the reluctant shipper heart in me for this series (because I fear of getting too attached and someone ends up dying) did beat a couple times when it was Shinobu of all people who asked him to explain himself and the only one to actually get him to pause. Not to mention actually slightly expand on his reasoning for not wanting to stay and discuss their next actions. Even if what he said only made things words in the end… She’s even the one to bring him up in the Hashira meeting later. I just end up wiggling my eyebrows whenever Shinobu seems to want to be able to talk more about Giyu or brings him up lolololol.

I am definitely excited to see more Himejima. Especially because of how everyone, including Sanemi and Giyu were attentive when Himejima demanded attention. (Though Giyu still did leave in the end) Not to mention that Tengan had labeled him as the strongest Hashira, even above Muichiro who has shown to be quite the powerful little guy last season. Not to mention when the Master isn’t around, from this scene alone, it does make him seem to be like the leader amongst the Hashira. Or he decided to take up the mantel now that the Master is incapacitated. But considering he’s the strongest, it does make a lot of sense. He’s the only one now that we haven’t seen the fighting style of, so I am really interested to see what he does and what Stone Breathing will look like. Not to mention I do wonder what his relationship with Genya is like since he’s training him and we have already found out from last season that Genya can’t use breathing techniques. So what kind of training has he been putting him under and if it’s only been physical training. Considering how buff Genya got in a short amount of time, I wouldn’t doubt it. Though that could have just been the effects of eating demons, but hopefully we’ll get some answers.

Now that we have returned to the butterfly mansion, we are reunited with the two numbskulls we left behind last season. Though I am definitely happier to see one of them than the other. After being away from Zenitsu for so long… I’ve forgotten how overbearing he can be… And now that Nezuko can be out in the sun and talk to an extent, I feel like he’s about to be even more obnoxious about her… What I did enjoy was Inosuke and Nezuko bonding over him trying to teach her how to say his name. Just seeing the two very childlike characters interact was actually pretty cute XD. We also get a little bit of Genya and I’m happy that he will and Tanjiro will continue to interact because I think their newly forged bond will do Genya a lot of good. Though it was pretty hilarious that even Genya doesn’t seem to be able to handle Inosuke’s energy and craziness lol.

But man, when Tanjiro got the sword Haganezuka finally finished honing and Rengoku’s handguard was on it, I nearly started tearing up. While we weren’t with him for long, Rengoku will always be with us in our hearts. Not only do we get a nice Rengoku reminder, THE GREAT TENGEN HAS ALSO RETURNED. I’m so glad that he’s still making appearances since he’s the one Hashira so far where I made a complete 180 on my feelings towards him. While he isn’t going to be fighting on the front lines anymore, the fact that he is going to help train the lower ranks of the Demon Slayer corp will gives us some more time with him. And boy, being retired didn’t do anything to his energy levels lol. All the Hashira’s (besides Shinobu and Giyu for the time being) will be putting time and effort into training everyone in the Corp so they can prepare for the upcoming war and I’m not gonna lie that I am excited to see the interactions between them and Tanjiro and friends. Especially since we know that two of them aren’t gonna be happy to see him. Not to mention I think we can already see the Shinazugawa brother reunion ending up anything but happily considering the not so great terms they are on. Though it’s mostly on Sanemi’s side who probably needs years of therapy that does not exist in this world.

While we didn’t get to see too much of her, Amane has grown on me a little with how much care and empathy she showed Muichiro in last season during his flashback. She knows when to take charge and just like her husband, seems to care deeply for others. So when the Master said his deep thanks to her for all that she’s done, you can see just how deep their bond must be even if we didn’t get to see them together too much because what he said hit not only my heart, but Amane’s. Even I started tearing up a little from that declaration. Especially since it did hold the same emotions and feelings of something I experienced. So it definitely hit a very personal feeling I hold. And this could possibly be the last thing he’s able to say to her since the curse does seem to be closing in on his mouth after consuming nearly his entire body at this point.

The biggest part that intrigued me in this episode was the possibility of Tamayo working directly under the Demon Slayer corp. We don’t know for sure if she’ll accept, but I feel like if she and Shinobu worked together, I feel like they could make some pretty big breakthroughs with their collective knowledge of medicine and poisons. Especially since I feel like what Tamayo is very limited in what she can access as she has to constantly be in hiding. This decision is definitely a bit one as we’ve already seen how the Hashira responded to working with a demon so it makes sense why Tamayo would be wary about the invitation. It probably will be difficult to sway some of the Hashira, namely Obanai and Sanemi. Though I’m sure Shinobu, Mitsuri and Muichiro will be supportive, albeit all for different reasons. I think the only one I don’t know how they will react is Himejima. Heck, I don’t even know if the Master has even passed down his thoughts and plans about this to the Hashira. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how all of this goes down.

So I guess while this is a training arc, it can also be seen as a preparation for war arc considering why they’re training. Not only are they doing this in hopes of strengthening their already dwindling forces, but also to help the Hashira train themselves in trying to gain the marks. Also I just think it’s hilarious how every opening since the Rengoku season has all of the Hashira of the season pose with Tanjiro XD. First it was Rengoku, then Tengen, then Mitsuri and Muichiro and now all the rest of them lol. Though it is interesting to note that the opening with Rengoku is the only time where we see Tanjiro and the Hashira of the season looking in opposite directions. Which could foreshadow that Rengoku was going to die as the rest of the season openings showcase the Hashira and Tanjiro facing in the same direction. So looks like we won’t be losing any Hashira this season lol. Though not gonna lie, but I’m not really a fan of this season’s opening. It almost sounds so much more generic than the other openings so far and I’m not really vibing with how it sounds. So this probably will be a watch once type of opening and then skip for the rest of the season.

While not that much happened in this first hour long episode, it did set up quite a bit. So I’m excited to see what happens moving forward and if there will be more action than just training. I’m just gonna be a little wary since I’m a bit worried about the quality of the series moving forward. But buckle in because we’re here for the long term.

Possibility of Watching: 100%
Possibility of Blogging: 100%


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