Premiered: Spring 2022

Ao Ashi – Episode 23

I feel like this was both the longest and shortest episode yet. Honestly, it's amazing how much a team can change going into the second half. Heck! Even Musashino is feeling the pressure.

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Ao Ashi – Episodes 20 & 21

We finally get to learn about Togashi's beef with the promoted players and to top it all off the highly anticipated Esperion vs Musashino match is finally here!

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Ao Ashi – Episode 19

They are really hyping up this Musashino vs Esperion match and I just really want them to play! Please take all this frustration and fighting out on the field because this build-up is killing me!

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Ao Ashi – Episode 17

Picking up where we left off last week, Kaneda is here and he's pushing all of the buttons. . I have a feeling that Tachibana is going to snap soon, but first... we have to deal with Aoi.

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Ao Ashi – Episode 15

Welp, it looks like after one game Aoi is still not feeling being a defender. He doesn't quite understand what he needs to do and is still so focused on getting the ball. Old habits are hard to break...

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Ao Ashi – Episode 14

Hana truly is the MVP of this series. Where would we be without her? Heck, where would Aoi be without her? Probably still in Ehime playing his chaotic soccer with only small dreams of going pro.

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