Well. When I first saw that a show like this was coming out,I believe it was going to end up as a cliché romance/vampire story that sucked balls. Then I saw the first episode, and I derped of happiness; It was great.
Hasekura Kouhei is a guy who has always transferred schools over and over again because of his parents. In order for him not to have to move again, his parents send him to a boarding Christian school. On his first day of transfer, he meets the vice-president, Sendou Erika, and she seems very nice, likable character. She then touches Kouhei’s hand, completely freaks out, becomes a bitch and ignores him for most of the rest of the episode. The show then basically keeps going as we meet all the other characters that will be involved in this story. We then meet Sendou Iori, Erika’s brother and student council president, who tells Kouhei right from the bat that his sister Erika likes him. Then follows a little manipulation from Iori for Kouhei to enter the girl’s baths and find Erika naked, and then after overhearing a pretty cute thing Kouhei said to his friends about her, Erika tells him rapidly “Come to the Zelkova Tree” which is basically a subtle way to say she wants to confess (Or does she?…). Kouhei is on his way to the meeting point, but before reaching it stops by a church, where he finds Iori sucking up a girl’s blood, therefore making him a vampire.

Ooh, amazing cliffhanger! =D

Alright, I’ll be honest right away. When I first read the summary for the show, I thought it was gonna be some horrible vampire romance crap, which I am SICK of hearing about -_-‘.  It’s been overused. However, when I watched the actual first episode, I was extremely surprised. It might actually turn out to be one of the most unique romance shows I’ve watched so far.
First off, the characters. Everyone is totally unique, there are basically no characters that have an overused personality. Of course, so far the main character doesn’t have much of a development (Although he seems like a very nice guy and not a total pervert), but the other people around him will most likely make this into a very interesting development. First off, Kanade, his childhood friend. She is soooo cute and energetic, I love her already! ^.^ Then there’s Iori, who seems like a total whacko already (and a vampire, but nvm that for now). We also have a nun, a religious little girl with her rabbit, an emotionless treasurer and a regular, plain guy (Woah. That doesn’t happen a lot. WIN to the uniqueness of plain characters).
"If you're going to wake up, wake up!" Calm down, he is awake. (Gotta love Kanade)


As for the story, so far I don’t know what to expect, since they didn’t abord the “vampire” part of the story much yet. Even though, they still managed to surprise me a lot. I mean, first episode and the guy already knows that the girl likes her? EPIC WIN. It’s my first time ever seeing it, definitely an amazing twist and I hope that this show’ll keep surprising me like that. I also liked the amazing cliffhanger at the end of the show. Someone’s getting killed in front of his eyes while he’s about to be confessed to!!! Nice. Doesn’t make you wanna kill yourself because you can’t watch the next episode right away, but definitely makes the person watching want to know more about the plot and about what’s going to happen. I, for myself, am really curious as to how this whole show is going to turn out. It has a very good start.
So far, it seems like a very good show. Thumbs up. Win. Derp.