Today’s episode focuses on Yuno’s backstory explainning the reason why she always ends up punching Tarou. During the first half of the episode, Yuno tries her best to not freak out being around Tarou by trying to replace the idea that he is a male with as a dog she once owned. Right before they go their separate ways she asks if he could help her study for their exam. This leads us to learning that Tatsukichi also has his own problems other than cross-dressing. Which happens to be he suddenly gets taken over by his feminine side and starts sounding like a woman and acting all high and mighty declaring those around them as peasants.

When the exams have finished, Onigawara Michiru offers tickets to a zoo where the gang organized Yuno and Tarou a “date” to help overcome their problems. We learned earlier that Yuno has an Androphobia, so now we were given the backstory how she became that way, which was due to being abused. (Unconfirmed sexually, but judging by Tarou’s face below – it’s either A) Brutally Beaten or B) Sexuallu Abused).

I loved this episode. Absolutely loved it! It made me like the characters even more because they aren’t all the typical girls we see in this kind of anime. I am really fond of Yuno’s character due to how adorable and determined she is. I feel so horrible for what happened in the past though. For Tatsukichi I burst out laughing as soon as he started togo crazy with, “HellI’m beautiful!” The “date” set up well really well done, and enjoyable to watch. It didn’t focus on too many minor details that some animes tend to overuse.
The new girl Mamiya Yumi, who was introduced at the end of the episode seems to be another wacko. Then again, when will there be not? Yumi, according to the preview it seems that she is a Lesbian so things should get much more unique than it already is.


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