MM! Ep 9: So boring it wasn't even funny…

What she said.

It’s time for the cultural festival! The Volunteer Club sets up a stall in hopes of advertising. Instead of people checking them out, they end up recieving a threat letter, where Mio and Tarou head out to investigate.
I will be covering the episode this week since Myst got her hands full with her final exams around the corner this week and the following. I would like her to keep focus on that since I don’t have any exams to worry about. Unfortunately I wasn’t pleased how it turned out. (more…)

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MM! episode 7: Insanity, cuteness, wtf moments, this show is quite good indeed.

Weeeeeeell, I had figured out that Mio was kind of dumb, considering she still hadn’t noticed that punching Tarou would never cure his masochism, but this episode concluded that thought. Mio is INSANE!
In this week’s episode, Mio decides to be completely stupid and bring Tarou to a beach where swimming is not allowed because there’s a shark alert. She then obviously decides to make Tarou swim (idiot). When that fails, the crabs are next. Now obviously this plan fails also Mio’s just dumb like that . So what Mio decides using her AHEMsmart thinking, that the best way of curing Sado Tarou’s masochism is to play whack the watermelon with his head(Yep, stupidity rules this girl’s brain)! (more…)

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MM! Episode 6: Selfish Plot

Tarou’s mother and sister desire to have his affection when he rejects them over and over again. One morning when they see his phone go off, they discover texts coming from Yuno. Imeaditely they jump to conclusions that these two have a relationship and develop a plot to save Tarou. Only that plot is attempting to give him a bad image. (more…)

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MM! Episode 5: A Filler Worth Watching

All right, now before everyone starts complaining and bitching because the word “filler” appears in my title, let me say this: WATCHING THIS EPISODE IS FREAKING WORTH IT. I almost peed my pants laughing, and I didn’t care AT ALL about the fact that this didn’t have anything to do with the original storyline (Heck, the whole episode made no sense at all). (more…)

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MM! Episode 3:So funny, so sad, so amazing!

...It's pretty sad that I know someone in real life who actually thinks like that.

In this episode, the show starts again from last episode, where a new character appears. Her name is Mamiya Yumi, she’s Arashiko’s best friend and a creepy pervert who’s an expert at massaging people (and giving them orgasms… derp 0-0). As we meet her, she tells Tarou that Arashiko is going to transfer to an all girls school with her. As Mio is trying to tell him that he should probably care about this transfer, we see a flash-back of the scene where Arashiko tells Tarou how she became androphobic, and we learn some extra info concerning this topic. The next day Yumi comes to the Volunteering Club in order to meet everyone, and a very funny scene occurs where everyone’s weakness is pointed out. (more…)

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MM! Episode 1: Mega Masochist


Sado Taro has this problem. He happens to be a genuine masochist and in order to fix this problem he goes to the volunteer club referred by his friend Hayama Tatsukichi , so that he can finally confess to the girl he has a crush on. Only there were a few things about the volunteer club, which he was not aware about…They happen to be very physical when they are pissed off. Of course this makes this club a paradise of pleasure. The President Isurugi Mio agrees to help him and tries several different aggressive tactics in hopes that after Sado suffering enough pain the masochism will go away.
In the end, his first crush was his best friend who loves to cross-dress who had to confess that it was him all long and apologized. As result Sado finds himself now as a member for the volunteer cub, where is constantly abused and fulfilled with pleasure.

First Impression: (more…)

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