This is all it took to cause Tarou to lose his memories =_=;

Tarou lost his memories thanks to an amnesia and the girls try to find a way to help him get it back while in the mean time people corrupts his ‘memories’.
Rant Impression:
So. Today Tarou lost his memories thanks to an amnesia after slipping and landing on his head first…
You have got to be kidding me. Only this, landing on his head first after all the metal baseballs that connected with his head causes him to have an Amnesia.  That’s bullshit. I refuse to acknowledge this a plot device. Week after week, we have been facing the same damn thing over and over again, only this time   rather than focusing abusing Tarou, the girls – Yunno in particular works hard trying to find a way and help him get his memories back. What is the point of this development that was completely forgotten by Tarou? What good does this make for Yunno to confess that she likes Tarou to Mio? Why the hell should we be wasting time on Mio who just keeps on denying that fact she may hold feelings for him. Lastly, just who what direction are they trying to take now? As I just said, there is no benefiting development that influences the characters. Now they are just setting up ‘out of blue dates’ for Mio and Tarou as an excuse for their development.
I am actually starting to seriously lose my patience with this show. If it weren’t Myst and I blogging this together, I am certain that both of us would have  dropped this how long ago. Anyhow, looks like next week more ‘forced’ development between Mio and Tarou, I am not particularly looking forward to that. Two more episodes to go. and I can’t wait to bash its ratings.
Myst: *Curls up into a ball and cries*
*She cries some more*
I swear this show has gone down the drain at least once per every minute I was watching this episode. EVERY. FUCKING. EPISODE. IS. THE. EXACT. SAME. THING. Mio beats up Tarou in order to *AHEM*”cure him”, something happens to Tarou, Yuuno confesses/wants to confess, Mio’s in denial, then everything loops back to the beginning and the plot stays completely EMPTY. NOTHING. HAPPENS. There has been NO character development / NO story progression and even the humour is becoming repetitive and boring. The only good thing that happened in this week’s episode was Yuuno’s courage when she told Tarou they used to be lovers and then confessed right in front of him. But OF COURSE, they had to totally ruin the beginning of the plot they were finally starting and had to go back into NOTHINGNESS. I’ll say it again: NOTHING HAPPENS. EVER.
*digs a hole in order for her to curl up even more into it and cry some more*


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