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Amano and the others finally return to Japan only to learn that there has been major change due to Koshiro’s father sponsoring Henri’s project. Amano, Lemon and Kashino find themselves in a pinch when they discover that Koshiro’s shop is down their street and is literally the size of a cathedral. Moreover, when things just couldn’t get worse, Johnny decided to switch sides to work with his cousin. Before they know it, they find themselves striking a deal of a challenge with Koshiro which involves putting their true feelings on the line.

Poor Kashino is stalked by Koshiro and now she talked her father into funding Henri’s project so now she is just down the street from Kashino’s and the other’s shop. Of course as you know Koshiro, she got an oversized shop that is literally a cathedral, marble – all this royal crap that screams luxury. Anyhow, before Amano and the others finally start working on their shop, Johnny betrays them and switches over to Koshiro’s side so he can be funded and do whatever he likes. I don’t really care because I never liked him anyways.

What I did enjoy that Andou and Hanabusa came around to help them out, as well as pull Kashino out of the shop to go, “Hey, are you really okay with Amano dating someone else?” It was really amusing how Kashino snapped and immediately said no, of course after he realizes what he had said he tries to make excuses. That was super cute and I got a good laugh out of that one.  (Oh and by the way, Andou and Kana are offically dating, we all knew that was going to happen!)
What I did miss was we didn’t see them go through the process of coming up with recipes and working with the ingredients. All we got was pictures of time passing by and the effort they were putting into the shop.
Heiress Flaws:
– Oversized shop: Feels more like a museum
– Too much Space: Great Number of Customers are not Guaranteed (Unless she does her underhand tatic where she basically calls in Celebs and her father’s business minions)
– Will they be able to produce enough of a specific product for the amount of customers?
– Luxurious Appearance = Turn off for most people : We learned about this during Tennoji’s arc!
Preview: And now the challenge begins!!!!


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  1. Susie

    Well, actually I found this “Anime Blog” last week, and I’ve been meaning to leave a comment (really anywhere). But since this is the most recent post of Yumeiro Patissiere, I decided this was the best to comment on. Well, I can’t wait until today’s new episode (despite the fact I basically read the summeries since I don’t have the time to actually watch them). Oh dear, I’m rambling.
    Well, I really, REALLY like your impressions and summeries of Yumeiro Patissiere, and I hope this blog doesn’t fall out of favor. Because I know that I’ll keep on coming at least until Yumeiro Patissiere is over. And after that, well, I’ll try to get into a new anime because of here. And if I find something I like, then I’ll just keep coming.
    Oh, and just to tell you, if I don’t leave a comment, it’s because I’m a lazy bum and can’t review or comment because I don’t want to type. 🙂 Good luck with your third try!

    1. Eva

      ^_^ Thank you Susie! Whenever I am a hardcore fan of series, I go all out like this, mostly because I have better expectations for its potential and so on. ;D So be it kyaing/ranting/attempt-to-professional-criticize, you will find that just about every series I cover. Lurking is fine – heck we got a ton of lurkers, but whenever they feel ready to jump in to have a discussion about the episode, they are more than welcomed to. ^_^/

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