Continuing where Togame was shot by Emonzaemon. She died in Shika’s arms, ending their contract so now he could free. With that done he goes to where Emonzaemon and Princess Hitei are and destroys all eleven deviant blades in hopes to die in the process and kills the man who sent Togame on the mission in the first place.

Final Impression:
Oh my god! Throughout the entire episode I was crying, just crying. Togame’s death scene couldn’t have been anymore beautiful than it already was. It was so emotional, and I found it so sad that she was happy that she was able to die so that she wouldn’t have to kill Shichika in the end. Then Shichika releasing his true power, destroying all eleven deviant blades he had gone through the trouble to collect. Then he reveals  to Emonzaemon that he wasn’t doing this for revenge, but because he wanted to die. He thought that Emonzaemon was the only one who could kill him and in the end he was the one who survived despite having been shot more than we can count. As result you can imagine it was gruesome to watch, seeing all that blood splatter everywhere.
I found it very interesting how he didn’t kill Hitei and in fact they are traveling together (except she’s the one following him). It was even more interesting to see that Hitei had Emonzaemon’s mask attached to her hair, so one way or another it shows that she did care about Emonzaemon.
Katanagatari from start to finish was an amazing series. The plot was thick and unpredictable, excellent character development and conclusions, the animation quality was always top notch in every episode. I gave it a 9.8 due to having seen very minor flaws in the past, but even so – it was breathless. Rather than having this perhaps a 25 to 50 episodes series, I found the Production team was very smart to have it air once a month. This sort of story line with the amount of information and series of events happening altogether would have been impossible and poorly paced. I strongly believe that they should do this more often for others novels/mangas adaptions in the future. I cannot judge how well it followed the novel since I have never read it myself (I’m dying to though!). Finally, I have to say it’s almost rare to finds series as brilliant and perfected like Katangatari. I fyou haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you to. Do be aware, the first episode has an insane amount of information being told and less fighting, but do not let that turn you off, as soon as that’s done and over with you will be attached to this series like no other.
Plot: 10/10 – The plot was thick and unpredictable, excellent pacing that made it unforgettable.
Character Development: 10/10 – Appropriate amount of time spent on the background about each character and made them extremely likable.
Animation Quality: 9.8/10 – Top Notch every episode. WHITE FOX continues to exceed my expectations, you will never be disappointed whenever they take up a project!
OST: 10/10 – Absolutely gorgeous and really set the mood and tension.


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