The third couple we meet is already together and they have already been going out for some time when the story happens.Mitsuki is worried that her love is completely one-sided towards Tooru, since he doesn’t do anything towards her. Both of them are really shy and as Mitsuki tries to make the first move towards an advancement in their relationship by holding his hand, it only takes one person to possibly see them together and POOF! They are separated again. One day during class, Mitsuki takes Tooru’s glasses in hopes of seeing the world like he does, and ends up having to keep them for the night, while Tooru ends up with Mitsuki’s glasses. She puts them on her stuffed bear and hugs it, pretending it is Tooru, and accidentally breaks his glasses. She feels really bad the next day, only to find out that Tooru has also broken her glasses while doing pretty much the same thing, and so they go fix them together.
Impression: The summary for the episode doesn’t look too inviting, I have to admit that. It looks cheezy and dumb. As I watched the episode, however, I couldn’t help but find this really cute. The reason for that is that both of them like each other, they are going out, however nothing happens and they both wait for the other to do something. When they find themselves having the other person’s glasses, their ideas of what they want to do with that person suddenly pop into their heads and their imagination goes crazy I’m not talking about sexual stuff now, calm down guys… They’re too shy to even hold hands at the moment… Gee, stop thinking so wrong. For each other to find out that they both think the same way, for them it is a great advancement in their relationship and I really enjoyed that part, because they won’t be as pathetic anymore. It fits in with their personality and proves that even shy couples will eventually get somewhere. Notice how a year later they both break their glasses again… AHEM I wonder what happened there… This time you should think sexual… Just sayin’. In the end, the episode was very cute, and I liked the concept of them already going out right from the bat, it was different. They really do make a great couple!