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Note: Alright I couldn’t wait any longer. I have become such a fan of this series I absolutely had to cover it. Kaleido Star and Cardcaptor Sakura will be started in 2 weeks from now, in the mean I am starting off with this anime since it’s currently on-going, I may be posting twice a week, however I haven’t decided on that yet. Last note to make that this is technically a Friday post despite wordpress time zone is far ahead of mine, so this will regularly come now on Fridays from now on unless it conflicts with my Winter 2011 schedule.
Yu Gi Oh 5D kicks off with the 143rd Duel King Title matches. A brief duel between the King, Jack Atlus and a challenger in Field Magic Speed World, which can only, takes place while riding a D-Wheel. In the mean time another rider of a D-Wheel drives through an abandoned tunnel. The rider is forced to push his D-Wheel back to his workshop where his friends are watching the match. Soon one of his younger friends named Rally appears with a D-Wheel chip that can be used for the engine. The others immediately question where he had gotten it. Despite that, Yusei agrees to use it. As soon as he applied it and tested it, the security tracks them down due to Rally’s criminal mark tracker. Yusei decides to be a decoy after interfering with the tracking signal, where as he later challenges the security chief and defeats him in with a deal to ignore what his friend did.

First Impression:
The first thing we think of when we hear, CARD GAMES ON MOTOCYCLES! is “PFFTH WHAT?” That is exactly what I thought when I first heard about from Yu Gi Oh Abridged Series, and then got bored one day and started watching this. In the end, much to my surprise it managed to perk up my interest and curiosity to want to continue onto the next episode.
Although there’s one thing that certainly that both turns people on and off about the idea of “Card games on motorcycles D-Wheel”. It’s unique one way or another. I will tell you right now, I was never fond of Yu Gi Oh, original series – I am willing to try that again however. And Yu Gi Oh GX, don’t get me started, the Jaden is funny and all but that will have to wait till my sanity can tolerate it. This is where it makes people wonder, “Well then how the hell do you people tolerate games on motorcycles and all this ‘synchro-tuning’ anyways?
The main thing that really caught my interest this episode was the type of character Yusei has been portrayed to be. Fudo Yusei just happens to be one way an engineer and a hacker, which gives him the ability to build stuff with his great knowledge that the people of Satellite are not able to do themselves.
We also learned that Yusei is the kind of guy who is emotionally attached to his cards and treats them with equal respect as he would towards anyone else. What may surprise people he is very intelligent and reserved along with not being full of himself. In the beginning of the episode we learned that he has a more quiet personality, and doesn’t let things bother him too much. He would rather to put himself in a risky situation in order to help his friends in which would involve messing with the security while he’s innocent due to a friend’s criminal activity.
Speaking of his friends, I already don’t’ like them. They sound and act pathetic , and did I mention that Rally looks like a girl? You do know he’s a boy. Yes that’s right, a freaking male! WTF is with his character design?! AT LEAST HAVE HIM NOT WEAR A DRESS!
Jack Atlas, we aren’t given too much background about him except for learning, he is what I like to call, “King of the Hill” in new domino city with a undefeated record of duels. He already gives off vibes that he is a character that is full of himself, obnoxious, unappreciative and very selfish. With the finishing blow we also learned that he stolen two precious things from Yusei, which are his original D-Wheel and his ace monster.
Now with the whole ‘motorcycles’ concept that are actually called D-Wheels, I find they are playing the role of symbolically representing the rich (New Domino City) and the poor (Satellite). This also tells us how far we are into the future and how advanced technology is which will play a subtle role in the plot. Not to mention they also are being used in much for dimensional digital effect. The good part is it isn’t ugly. Ugly dimensional digital effects are a no go for me. Personally I can’t stand it unless it’s Pixar doing the job.
Finally, I found this episode slow with how much information has been revealed about the characters. Plot wise, we know that Yusei’s goal is to get into the city to hunt down Jack get his freaking card back. The animation quality was pretty good, character designs are great except for Rally’s as I complained earlier about.
That will conclude Yu Gi Oh 5D first impression.

Oh dear, I got carried away a bit… O_O;

NEWS UPDATE: New Yu-Gi-Oh! series will be announced in February! Damn it, that means this series is going to end soon! D:


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