Tarou’s mother and sister desire to have his affection when he rejects them over and over again. One morning when they see his phone go off, they discover texts coming from Yuno. Imeaditely they jump to conclusions that these two have a relationship and develop a plot to save Tarou. Only that plot is attempting to give him a bad image.

Okay I really wanted to brush this off my shoulder before I start. I think Mio is just making Tarou’s masochism problem even worse, therefore causing him to be even more perverted than how he started. Mio needs to learn an alternative way of punishing him without physically harming him. Pffth, yes I know this is part of the entire joke and excuse for fanservice, but it’s starting to bored me a bit with the same routine over and over again.
NOW! Despite that as a warm up, overall today’s episode was really entertaining. I found myself amused how his mother and sister were so serious about plotting everything and putting on a show where they will look like the good guys and Tarou would be framed as the messy, collects junk, and interested in muscular men (aka bad guy).
I really like the development growing in Tarou’s and Yuno’s relationship. I find they are able to support each other really well and have a good understanding about each other’s problems. Finally, you have to give so much credit to Onigawara being around in the neighborhood at the right time for Tarou to come up with a proper punishment. Their interactions were hilarious.
Preview: Ohhhh Myst~ Your favourite Dragonballz Hentaiiiiiiiiii  superhero is back!!!


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