Kashino x Johnny Canon since Episode 5

I really just want to get back on track, so bare with me not having a summary again!
Oh gosh. I actually enjoyed this episode just a little bit more than I thought I would. I am certainly not a fan of these fillers and they tend to tick me off. So I am kind of frustrated that they are going to continue this into the next episode. In the mean time we got some minor development and alone time with Amano and Kashino. Amano has officially given him a new nickname since when he was dragged through the magical card he was given a pink monkey outfit. Typically, Kashino never has luck when magic is involved.
I was actually surprised how the situation turned out when Amano woke up and finds herself in Kashino’s monkey outfit – and her clothes aside.

Seriously, I am pretty sure that most of us here was expecting a realistic action like most typical shoujo girls would react. Also I found it hilarious how in a serious situation where Kashino was like, “OMG THUNDER!” and Amano replied, “Kashino actually- that was my stomach.” That killed me. Lastly I wanted to point out, again – this time Kashino is more of the oblivious one who would rather focus on their career than his feelings towards Amano.
Finally I wanted to point out that I think it’s clear now that Chocolate has a minor crush (and is in straight denial) on Kasshi. Also we got to see how Kasshi somehow reflected Kashino’s character with his relationship with his mother. I found the difference between their parent’s relationship is that Kashino’s family is more forceful about trying to drag him into their family business.
And the adventure continues… ¬_¬


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