Kuragehime Ep 2 & 3!

Episode 2: Meat is the Key to Acceptance!

*Note: Sorry guys, I know I’m being very lazy for not writing up a summary for these two episodes, but I want to get back on track with my schedule ASAP! I will happily provide you one for next week! ;^; (I’ll try writing them up though!)


For those who don’t know this episode was skipped last week despite premiering the week before that.
Oh good god, the episode was hilarious!  I felt bad for Kuranosuke since everyone had such a bad attitude towards him even though he was being very sweet. However at the same time he may has stepped over the line which made him fall into the situation in the first place, but don’t worry there’s a way to fix it!  You just got to bring luxurious meat that those fellows cannot afford! (Although I have to laugh, if they really wanted it, put off the hot stuff a few weeks and save up with the money they’d use to get the cheap meat in order to get it. ) Anyhow I found it absolutely adorable Tsukimi’s reaction when Kuranosuke said he wanted to see her again and I’m curious to see how quickly their relationship will progress. Not that I want it to rush, but I am certainly looking forward to it.
Moreover I am very curious about Kuranosuke’s actual age. We find out that he’s a student – although we have no idea what level that education is, and I would expect him to be studying in fashion or some sort related to that.

Episode 3: Because you’re Beautiful!

Wow this episode was absolutely fabulous! Never ending laughter, some backstory about Kuranosuke and the reason why he started cross-dressing int he first place. Moreover the unexpected twist where Shuu was fantasying at first about how gorgeous and lady-like Tsukimi was, until he saw her regular looks with a bonus of raccoon eyes due to not washing off the makeup properly. I find it very interesting, or
rather unexpected how it seems that Tsukimi finds herself developing a crush on Shuu!

Perhaps there will be a turn to this story where the final pairing will be Tsukimi x Shuu. Although despite that, we all must keep in mind, in order for those two to have a good relationship, Shuu has to accept as who she is and her obsession with jellyfish. This is one of the other reasons why I support Tsukimi x Kuranosuke because he doesn’t disregard her base on appearance like most typical people in our society would do, (a good example would be  Shuu since he totally freaked out). Anyhow looks like Tsukimi will be cinderella once again, hopefully she won’t make such a fuss wearing makeup (although I totally understand how she feels here because I was/am always being nagged about “Wear makeup!”). What I would love to see in one of her transformation is her hair straight! I have confidence that Kuranosuke will make her look fabulous! Oh yes, speaking of him, I almost forgot about mentioning his mother.
. _ . I’m curious to know why Kuranosuke isn’t allowed to see her. Clearly she isn’t dead, like he had led us to think when he kept on mentally talking to her in the beginning of the episode. I can only assume there was a divorce or she wanted nothing to do with politics, or perhaps even may have to do with a scandal.
PS: Did anyone else notice when Kuranosuke’s uncle did in the image below, think of Star Driver?

Glittering Star!

And that’ll be it for this week!


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