The one and only best scene of the Episode

Christmas. 2 shops going against each other. A failed attempt to put some plot into this by making Mio’s birthday on Xmas. Tarou gets beaten up, Mio beats Tarou up, Yuuno is abused and the plot sucked. End of episode I’m not in the mood to try and force myself to make it unbiased… Sorry about that… Kinda.

Final Impression:
Eva: Okay CLEARLY I was mistaken that there would be thirteen episodes, much to our dismay today’s was the last. What a wonderful, fabulous way to wrap up the story. So lets get started shall we? On our final thoughts.
Myst: …That was the ending?
…Seriously? That was the worst ending I’ve ever seen in my entire life. …They didn’t even TRY to add some plot into this and make an ending that wrapped up the story properly O.o Alright, the episode was just another random episode just like the rest! …How is that an ending?!?!
AND WHY THE HELL IS MIO SUDDENLY THE MAIN GIRL IN THIS?!?!?! I thought all along Tarou was going to end up with Yuuno, then they turn around and make Mio have the spotlight on the last episode, and they’re suddenly the favoured couple? WTF?!?!?! They basically shoved Yuuno under the carpet after they were done with her background story –-‘ What, they ran out of ideas?
I liked the fact they mixed different animes though… I thought it was pretty funny, even if I hadn’t seen every single show that was put in there.

Eva: What. The. Fuck. Are you joking with me? They couldn’t even come up with a decent ending. Besides what was with all this mix up of Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Yumeiro Patissiere SP Professional, Kampfer (basically using episode 8’s excuse) then all those ridiculous excuses for “fanservice”. Then out of blue we got Mio secretly wanting to celebrate her birthday – really? Are you serious? I can’t believe it. I knew it wasn’t going to have a good ending, I really did, but sinking as low as this – I REALLY FELT LIKE I WASTED 23 MINUTES OF MY LIFE WATCHING THIS.
Do I recommend this? Absolutely not. It is pointless.
Myst’s Score:
Plot: 3 /10 – What plot? Oh yeah, you mean what made me think this was going to be a decent show? You mean the first 3 episodes that made me think this was actually going somewhere when in fact it wasn’t? Oh yeah, that plot. Nah, not worth mentioning. Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s funny moments in there too. Ok, some episodes were funny. I guess that’s worth 3 points. Any higher than that and I’d be lying to you guys.
Character Development: 2/10 –Um… Yuuno is still scared of guys, Mio is still sadistic, Tarou is still a masochist. Yumi, the new character, did basically nothing except for one episode, and therefore there was no point in her even existing. Same for Tarou’s random friend who’s in love with 2d girls. And Tatsukichi’s female form was barely seen 2 episodes after we saw it. Do I need to say more? –
-‘ Oh yeah, Yuuno became more courageous and wanted to tell desperately Tarou that she liked him. But then she failed miserably 20 times and nothing came out of it. Wow, what amazing character development. EXTREME SARCASM In case you hadn’t noticed.
Animation Quality: 7/10 – Well, you can’t really mess it up that much. It was fine, sometimes a little sketchy but overall it wasn’t too bad.
OST: N/A – I won’t even bother going back to try and listen, since this show has gone down the drain already
Basically, I had amazing expectations for this show, and the beginning of it really made me curious as to how the plot was going to turn out. Unfortunately, the show kept going and it didn’t take me long to learn that THERE WAS NO PLOT. OR ANY TYPE OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. The personalities were sketched, the humour was becoming repetitive, the only good thing about this show was the references to different animes. A show that could have turned out really good turned out really, really, really bad.
Eva’s Score:
OST: N/A – What soundtrack? Oh wait, of course they have it – but I seriously don’t even take that into consideration for this show. N/A answer from me.