All he Wished was to be in his Mother's Arms

Agemaki and the others had managed to get into Village of Oracles, however they discovered that Agemaki was separated from them. While Agemaki looked for them, he heard a voice and had a sudden encounter with Lady Tsukuhane’s corspe. She begged him to help her reach her voice to Zakuro as well to Omodaka. In the mean time, Susukihotaru and the others managed to crash and interfere with the ceremony leaving it incomplete.
Much to my surprise, there wasn’t any intense action going on. Instead, we found out that Agemaki encountered Zakuro’s and Omodaka’s mother who’s voice was able to reach him. She begged him to save both Zakuro, but more importantly Omodaka. As I have suspected, all Omodaka wanted was his mother’s love and affection. The two were separated from birth and he was never able to get the whole story. Now in carrying the burden of despair on his shoulders, he is even more confused about his intentions, and hesitated with his original plan. With the Black Widow now creating chaos at the main house, and the half spirits set freed, the first thing that he worries about is his mother’s body. The only reason why we saw Omodaka’s true colors is because Agemaki had caught him off guard.
However, the sad part is, I was expecting far more action. I was shocked how this potentially epic battle has downgraded so much. I honestly am not sure whether I should have expectations that it will be action packed for the final episode. Also find that it isn’t all too surprising that the Black Widow will and likely be the final boss. Omodaka, he’s weak. I am saying this because we didn’t not see much of his true power potential, moreover he was really going easy on everyone. I was expecting him to be much more aggressive, powerful…  I wouldn’t say cruel because we were revealed his soft side towards his mother. Now that I think of it, surely without a doubt – if he had approached his mother first before going off to tell his father about her affair, the three of them would have definitely been able to escape and live a happy life.
The combat animation considerably improved from the last time I saw it. The bodies were not deformed when dodging and reach out, the quality was much richer. Despite that, I found this fight really pathetic. No seriously, I mean it. I was like, “Come on, you guys can do more than that!” There was no excitement, there was nothing that made you catch your breath, fearing for the characters – none of that. It was completely… dull.
With the next episode as the last, I don’t exactly have the highest hopes for an action-packed finale, but most certainly we should have good wrap up.


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