For a show that has a genre with usually a very restricted audience, this was incredibly well done and I was really amazed. I actually found myself liking even the romance in this, the one that involved incest AND the one that I thought was going to absolutely kill me in the end because I usually hate incest. THAT’S how amazing this show was.

Alright, I know I overused this pic but it's just SO PRETTY ^.^

Story / Plot:The plot for this was just absolutely amazing. Of course, since this is a 12 episode thing, the producers couldn’t go in fanciness too much for the plot, however I really got the feel that there was actually a plot, which is not what I feel sometimes watching these romance/comedy shows. It only takes a couple of episodes for us to understand that this anime will revolve around Kyousuke and his relationship with his sister Kirino. At the same time, the fact that Kirino is a complete otaku gives a little bit of spice to the story, considering most people who watch anime are a little bit like her. In many ways I found myself related to Kirino, however sometimes I must say I was a little surprised at the degree of obsession Kirino was going through. Then again, I have never been a fan of porn anime and such, so I can’t really compare. However, I have to say that I was really impressed at how they did the storyline and I loved the drama put into the show. Not only is it a hilarious show, but the drama and plot twists added to this made it really good and got me totally addicted.
I also really loved how the most important things happening were never explicitly said. Basically, what producers did was simply make us understand what was happening to the characters by deduction, and so they didn’t need extra time in the episode to explain that. That extra time could be spent extending the plot even more or adding some humour into it, which gave the show much more content and made it much more interesting.
Kyousuke and Kirino seriously had a really good bond together, and although Kirino never wanted to admit it (except at the end), she was really glad that he was always there for her. I also liked the side stories they made, because they weren’t really fillers, they just explained a bit more of the other characters rather than just focusing on Kirino. This whole show kept amazing me from beginning to end, and I was just absolutely amazed.
The ending deceived me a little bit (See final episode review for details), but apart from that I have to admit that everything was just simply stunning. The humour, the plot twists, the humour, and the bond that Kyousuke and Kirino had was very good.

8.5 / 10

Great storyline, loved the humour, a lot of unique ways of making the plot develop itself, however the ending was a little bit deceiving.

Characters:Rather than trying to explain the overall impression that the characters gave me and why, I think it’s better for me to just explain what I feel about every single character. Why? Because they are all so amazing that I SIMPLY have to or else my rambling on won’t make sense. Seriously, it’ll be an incomprehensible rant. Anyways, here it is.
Kyousuke: Ah, what I would do if our main character of the story wasn’t so damn plain. I love Kyousuke, because he is the most realistic character I have ever seen. He doesn’t have that many great qualities about him, he’s not good looking, he doesn’t know how to deal with people, he’s just like any other guy you could meet in the street, and yet he’s the main character. I love that about him because it adds so much realism to the show, and if we relate it to the factor that most people would relate to Kirino because she’s an otaku, then a lot of people would be able to relate Kyousuke as their actual older brother. He is exactly the kind of guy that could exist in real life, and doesn’t have this thing that makes him so unattainable, like other anime characters. I love him :3.
Oh, and as a bonus, he just makes priceless facial expressions sometimes 🙂
Kirino: Alright, now before I say anything about me absolutely despising Kirino’s personality, I have to admit that she’s very well done also. Although a little less realistic, the producers gave her a personality and really stuck with it all along, flaws included. Kirino is a girl who denies her feelings all the time and will never admit to herself that she likes what Kyousuke is doing. I also loved the gigantic character development they put her through, which brought her to apologize and finally be grateful for everything Kyousuke had done. In the end her personality pissed me off, but she stayed with that personality the whole time, and that personality gave her many flaws that the producers didn’t hide. Her flawed personality made me hate her a lot, however it made sense and showed that no one was perfect.
Manami: 😀 I loooooove her. You know how I said I loved Kyousuke and Kirino because they were flawed and realistic? Well, I love Manami because her cuteness is completely unrealistic and un-flawed. Ok, she is pretty dumb, but she just completely fits the “I’m cute, dumb, nice and innocent” personality that you find often in anime shows. The things she said sometimes were just so incredibly cute and funny, and she really was a great, carefree character. Although the main focus of the show was about Kirino and Kyousuke and these guys were completely different from other shows, it’s good sometimes that they give us a little reminder of other shows we have all liked, and bring back the traditional clichéd personalities. Manami fit that template perfectly, and her originality came mostly in what she said, because it was simply absolutely hilarious.
Kuroneko: Well, she’s basically the friend I’d like to have around just to see what she would say next. She’s so incredibly harsh and direct and I really like how plain honest she is with everyone. Taking out the evil part of her personality, she’s incredibly direct and is never afraid to tell other people what their flaws are. As mean as it may sound, it’s better than other people who just don’t talk about things they don’t like and then bitch about it behind that person’s back not that you ever see that in anime but still. Now, what I also absolutely loved about her was that she actually enjoyed bringing other people down, and she was just so plain evil and I loved it. I just love evil people like her, because as nice as I am, sometimes I just laugh and take advantage of other people’s problems, I’ll have to admit that. I see that evilness in her and just love her because her evil thoughts make everything so much more funny.

9.5 / 10

Amazing. Kirino’s personality pissed me off completely and her being a main character made the story a little more frustrating, but overall everything was simply amazing and I have nothing else bad to say about it. Nothing.
Art: amazing. They used a different, more modern style than the regular animes, and I really liked it. The characters were very well drawn, and I just loved taking screencaps of this. Kirino and Ayase actually looked like models, and I basically just wanted to take screencaps of these 2 all the time. They were soooo pretty! ^.^

So pretteeeeeh! ^.^

Sound: I loved the OST of this. It made everything look so funny/dramatic depending on the context, and I really liked it. Now, I’m not the best at rating this since I don’t pay attention to it that much, but that one was noticeable, and just that is a very good plus.
OP/ED: OP was sweet. The producers had tons of money, and so every opening had different images related to the episode, which was a sweet concept. It made me curious about what the show was going to be about whenever I looked at the opening, and it also entertained me a little more when seeing this because I never knew what I was going to see :D. Considering the ED had a different one everytime, all I can say about it is: MONEY MAKES EVERYTHING SWEET. Nice idea, the show was more original with it, and it just brings up the quality of this much more.

9 / 10

Money makes the world go round.
Overall Impression: Money, good plot, money, amazing characters, money, really well done overall, this show was really good (and very well financed). It’s restricted genre didn’t make me stop from watching this, and I really liked it. The characters especially impressed me so much, and the story was also absolutely impressive.

9 / 10

Recommended: Yes

You better freaking watch this show because it’s just simply amazing and I love the whole freaking thing and I laughed so much just watching this, yet there was a really good storyline and I just loved it!

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