Considering this anime has a lot of money put into it and the producers want more money by making everyone happy, they have decided to give the show 2 endings. This week is the first ending, the good one, and apparently they will have a special animating the bad ending, which will last 4 episodes and won’t be available until next June, on DVD. It will branch out from the middle of this 12th episode. I think it was a great idea, however after seeing this episode I have to say that I’m a little bit deceived by how this turned out.

Heh. Doesn't this scene remind you of a certain episode in the show?

This first ending for My Little Sister Can’t be This Cute! starts off in a very bizarre way, as Kirino acts like a nice person and is nice to her brother and doesn’t yell at him. Waaaaait, what? What’s wrong? Is she sick or something? Did she learn she was going to die or what?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Don't even talk, Mr. Slave.

OH. She wants her brother to buy eroge for her. Of course she wanted something. Why else would she be nice? (…Wait. Even so, she’s never nice even when she wants something…). Kyousuke goes there, meets his best friend there who came to buy his little sister Yaoi (Where Kyousuke pulls out the funniest line I have ever heard, picture on the side demonstrates it) and finally leaves with the game. He comes back to his house, where Kirino insists that he stays with her to play the game. As she finishes it and he is about to leave again, she convinces him to stay once more, and it is obvious that she just wants him to be with her.
Alright, now for some reason Kirino has now become a nice person. Now okay, I do understand that she has apologized last time, but the fact that she suddenly becomes a completely different person is a little weird, I’ll have to admit. Not that I mind, considering I HATED Kirino’s personality…

Anyways, Kirino now wants to show Kyousuke something even more embarrassing than eroge and kid’s anime, it turns out to be a photo album which Kirino won’t show the content of. After a little bit of a fight, Kyousuke takes the photo album from her and doesn’t have time to look at it because  a plane ticket flies out, indicating she will be leaving for America the next day Oh, so that’s why she was being nice. There had to be a good reason.
WAIT. Wat?. Now THAT’S a great twist. Kyousuke suddenly doesn’t know what to do and, him being related to Kirino after all, doesn’t want to admit that her leave will sadden him, and they start fighting. After a cute moment involving a computer screen talking to them yes, I know it sounds retarded but it is cute, Kirino knocks Kyousuke out and puts him to bed which could be nice if you take out the fact that she made him bleed enough for her to fill up a whole garbage bin of tissues that were used to dry the blood up. Kyousuke wakes up the next day, goes downstairs and now Kirino won’t leave for America because she has changed her mind.
She then pretends it was because Kyousuke told her to go and it made her not want to go in the end deniaaaaaaaal! Just saying. Basically, the story ends where everyone is happy and Kyousuke doesn’t admit yet that he likes his sister but they get much closer.
Alright, well if you consider simply the episode, it was very well done. Kirino’s personality change was explained by actions rather than words and I really liked that, they have kept this kind of genre going for the whole show and it was one of the show’s strong points. There were also some absolutely hilarious bits, and the producers went straight for the main storyline rather than rambling around for the whole episode. I also really like the part with the computer screen talking to them. It was basically expressing Kirino’s thoughts out loud, and I really thought that was well done.
D: My brain is confused, I just learned 2 minutes ago that you were leaving, and now you're not leaving anymore? ...Wat?

The one thing I didn’t like in this episode was the ending of the show itself. This week is apparently the good ending, where everyone remains happy and such. Now, considering this is an incest show, I like it that they made Kyousuke and Kirino get closer, however I was expecting a little bit more, considering they have been putting us on a trail that what they feel is more than just sibling friendship. In the end, nothing really happened, and I was actually deceived by that yeah, just don’t go read my older posts where I mention how much I hate incest… That’s how good this show was. No kiss, no confession, no nothing? Meh. I found the plot twist to be really good at first (It certainly was very surprising), however that plot twist finished by the time I could realize what was happening. Kirino tells Kyousuke she will leave, they get in a fight, Kyousuke wakes up in the morning and suddenly Kirino doesn’t want to leave anymore. Did I miss something? That was way too fast. However, I now understand why Kirino kept saying to Kyousuke this was the last life consultation and such. She probably intended to tell him earlier but her stupidity her shyness prevented her from doing so, and so she kept making another life consultation that should have been the last one.
Now, the one other thing I really don’t like is the fact that the second ending will branch out from this episode about halfway through. Meaning, pretty much when we learn that Kirino will be leaving for America. …….Don’t tell me they’re going to make her leave? –-‘ That would be the lamest 2nd ending ever because they totally ruined it right here by telling us everything! The only thing that tells me this special won’t suck balls is the fact that it will last 4 episodes. That means that it can’t be that simple, and they will obviously have some big plot around it… Hopefully-‘.
P.S.: Can anyone guess what photos were in the photo album? ;P(AHEMAHEM Please take note of the obviousness of my question) Kinda obvious, but I only realized after watching the episode that they had never showed us what was in it. Ah, My Little Sister Can’t be This Cute!, your ways of making us deduct everything rather than telling us is one of the things I absolutely love about this show…

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    The story doesn’t ‘end’ with her leaving though. If they do the next 4 episodes right, it should be very enjoyable to watch. ^_^

    1. Myst

      Yeah I guess we’ll see how it turns out… To be honest, the fact that it will last 4 episodes makes me a little less scared of how they are gonna to the “bad” ending. My guess is that they will make her leave because it’s apparently a “bad” ending, but then again that would be too easy, and I’m watching a show that keeps surprising me over and over again…
      …Dammit. Why is June so damn far?

      1. ryvrdrgn14

        I think they are waiting for the 7th (final?) novel to be released before putting these episodes out… just a guess on my part. Book 6 was quite the cliffhanger. o_o

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