Sado Taro has this problem. He happens to be a genuine masochist and in order to fix this problem he goes to the volunteer club referred by his friend Hayama Tatsukichi , so that he can finally confess to the girl he has a crush on. Only there were a few things about the volunteer club, which he was not aware about…They happen to be very physical when they are pissed off. Of course this makes this club a paradise of pleasure. The President Isurugi Mio agrees to help him and tries several different aggressive tactics in hopes that after Sado suffering enough pain the masochism will go away.
In the end, his first crush was his best friend who loves to cross-dress who had to confess that it was him all long and apologized. As result Sado finds himself now as a member for the volunteer cub, where is constantly abused and fulfilled with pleasure.

First Impression:
Eva: Oh my god. This is probably going to be one of my main favorites of the season. I am loving this because not only the gorgeous quality (just wow!) and the likable characters, but the conflict! It’s absolutely priceless, not to mention refreshing. I seen shows with the guy victimized as a pervert even though he’s doing things unintentionally and he isn’t having pleasure as it happens. On he other hand this is the opposite and it just so funny because it’s not like the guy wants this, but he’s stuck with it!
Finally, there were several scenes where you will notice picks off from other Anime openings or ideas such as Toradora, Bleach, Ookami-san, etc… I’ll be looking forward to this one.
Myst: Alright, well this was already one of the animes I was looking forward to, and I have to say I haven’t been deceived by watching the first ep.

First of all, for all the people who absolutely love Slapstick genre (like me), you will absolutely laugh your head off. On this topic it’s absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t stop laughing (The fact that the guy liked it, however, is a different story altogether XD). The opening was quite fitting to the style I’d say, this catchy Pop tune that no one really cares about, and there was some nice values in there that are sometimes missing in those romance shows, for example friendship. I absolutely love Isurugi-san’s personality, her character is very well done I find. Unlike other girls like her that loved hitting people, she doesn’t seem weak. Most characters like her in other shows end up being totally shy, self-conscious little girls that PISS ME OFF, whereas she seems to have a sweet personality in the background that isn’t completely retarded. She’s also the most evil girl I have ever seen in any kind of show, which is quite amusing, but that’s another story XD. For this kind of show, I found it absolutely hilarious, the art wasn’t so bad and the characters also seem interesting, so I’m definitely looking forward to this over-exaggerated show.
Now, for the bad sides. The actual concept. WTF, the guy loves being hit? XD Although it is funny when the girl hits him, WTF IS GOING ON WITH THIS GUY’S BRAIN?! Seriously, I didn’t find that part very funny, I just found it absolutely retarded. Another bad point of the show: The voices absolutely piss me off -.-. Especially Tarou-san’s friend, OMG I don’t think it can be more annoying than this, I hate it! Also, I have to say that the plot is kinda dull. I dunno how it’s gonna turn out, but I have a feeling that maybe it’ll end up just becoming one of these shows that have a really good start, but that lacks any actual plot and so it becomes dull and bad. I hope this impression will wear off as the eps go on, because I hate being deceived. :/