Oh my my my! What a way to start season 2! The Opening made me laugh hysterically. While the song was catchy and enjoyable, I found the opening itself so corny (it was somewhat disturbing I don’t know, kind of made me blush!) and “magical girl-like”. The Ending sequence was very adorable, and the song too was very enjoyable as well! =w= Gahhh I’m already loving this! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *SHOT*

Amano finally returns to Japan after two years studying abroad with her team, however when she returns many things has changed. Andou and Hanabusa both have dropped out of school in order to pursue their dreams. Not only that, Kashino has jumped a year! On the postive note Amano’s best friend Katou Rumi has managed to polish up her skills and get herself into group A, and Lemon who has transferred from Paris is also in her group after having skipped a grade as well. Then we are introduced Johnny, who is the fourth member of Group A. Later on she is called in my a staff to go to specific location called by Henri-sensei and is then told about the project he wishes her, Lemon, Kashino and Johnny to perform.

*FLAILS* This is awesome. I am already getting great vibes for how this season will progress! With new characters focus, a new love triangle, I’m already fired up for how this will turn out!
With Hanabusa and Andou pursuing their dreams (by the way Hanabusa looks absolutely GORGEOUS WITH LONG HAIR! But seriously man, don’t wear pink like you did in the opening), Team Ichigo is no more – for the time being that is. Now we have Lemon and a new transfer student, Johnny who I assume to be from United States. But lets focus on the American boy shall we?
We already got a bit of details about Johnny’s character. He is extremely independent, short tempered, has personal problems of his own, extremely talented in making sweets – basically the perfect character to rival Kashino. It also seems like he has hots for Ichigo ever since she successfully managed to visualize what he was thinking when he made that cowboy donuts. As for Kashino, due to his amazing grades in Paris, he has been bumped up to the second year already along with the heiress (I’m guessing her father used his power to do so). And what can we expect? Kashino and Johnny are already setting themselves at high tension and hating each others guts.
So what’s going on for this season?
It looks like Henri is setting things up once more, this time putting them in charge of a development of several pastry shops in Marie’s Garden as part of his project. (Talk about a huge development.) In other words, training them for a professional career.

Ichigo clearly has strong romantic feelings for Kashino. When she was talking about how the boys didn’t tell her while they were in Paris that they weren’t going to be staying at the academy, she was inching to grab Kashino’s hand. With them actually separated both from grades and groups, it creates a stronger tension for their current relationship. Also not to forget, with Johnny in the picture, we got a love triangle once again!



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