…I don’t even. How am I supposed to respond to this? What is, what is – no WHY? WHY MAKE TAKUTO SOME MAGICAL BOY for some retarded reason known as, Galactic Pretty Boy. Seriously now? I’m not even going to bother writing a summary to something that had me eating my sandwich very slowly as I was watching this going, “WTF?” in my head and blurbing out loud every minute. Honestly this – ugh, the plot! I can’t see this going in a direction that would keep me watching. I am not even going to bother checking out episode 2, because according to my gut, this isn’t worth my time.
Oh that’s right. Did I mention how it was boring?
That was one of the problems too.
Kind of sucks knowing this is a BONES production. =____=;
8D But I still love BONES despite this one anime that I just don’t seem to be interested in. An
One of the things I enjoyed was the OP because it was by Aqua Timez, [GRAVITY 0] for a fact I will be looking forward for the single to come out at the very least. The animation – without a doubt is drop dead gorgeous. The colors, the quality, the OST – that’s BONES for you. It’s just the plot that’s making me go “Meh”.


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