Yaaaay, One Piece.

One Piece is pretty much the only long, ongoing anime that will be reviewed on this site for a while. Why? Because it’s One Piece and I love it. Simple as that lol. I will be reviewing the eps weekly as they come out, and since I don’t really care about anything like spoiling stuff for anybody, I will include whatever I want in this review, and just put the sentence Spoiler Alert at the beginning :).

Alright, so for this episode. I have to say it kinda looked like a transition episode to me, nothing important really happened and they needed to fit in some bits of information so they used this episode. The episode starts when Boa Hancock saves Luffy from Smoker, even though she is a Shichibukai, and then gives Luffy the key to Ace’s handcuffs(However she managed to get this key, considering the marine captain is mpst-likely the one who had it, is another matter). Afterward, we learn that, following the small cliff-hanger from last week’s episode, Bartholomew Kuma has no more personality or memory of anything whatsoever(gasp!). Then follows a quick battle between him and Ivankov, who is apparently an old friend of Kuma’s. The story ends on a cliff-hanger (as usual), where we see Luffy and Mihawk meet, and as they are about to fight the “To Be Continued” sign appears.
As usual, very funny ep. Hancock’s fantasies always make me laugh, and although the last little scene where her and Luffy get married(which doesn’t show in the manga) made the episode seem even more like a transition, I have to admit that I still laughed.

Yeah. That's definitely going to happen. Seriously Hancock, WTF?!
Yeah. That's definitely going to happen. Seriously Hancock, WTF?

I hate Buggy’s guts, as usual, I’ve always hated Buggy’s guts and always will(His voice/looks/actions PISS ME OFF SO MUCH), and I never understood how he was supposed to be funny when he’s just annoying. Anyhow, although they do this in pretty much every episode, I love how the creators manage to make something really serious (For example Kuma and Ivan’s fight) totally ridiculous by adding this random joke in there. I laughed basically the whole episode (except when Buggy showed up -.-) and really liked the little cliff-hanger at the end. Although I already know what will happen (and it’s not that exciting, unfortunately :/), I was still excited to see next episode and it really got me into it.
*gasps* Talk about badass... That's why we love him though 🙂

So anyways, basically this episode was good (it’s still One Piece), however it definitely wasn’t one of the best. It really felt like one of those useless episodes they just had to fit somewhere for extra details and that’s it, and if it wasn’t for the funny parts that characterize One Piece and the really good end-of-episode cliffhanger, I wouldn’t have liked it. However I did. It was still really good :D.