Three men from the military are put in charged of being representatives for the Ministry of  Spirits Affairs organization. In order to proceed this mission, they will among the spirits in order to keep an eye on them. There they meet three Yokai girls who they each are partnered up with to complete this task.
First Impression:

At first I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this series. While the summary may have sounded dull when I first looked at it, the episode was actually very enjoyable to watch, and pipe my curiousity about the new calender. Although I have to admit, nothing really happened this episode at all. That’s why the summary is so brief. Also what I think makes this enjoyable is that you got interesting characters altogether. Four Yokai ladies (two are twins) and three men from the military to supervise and create an alliance with them. Agemaki Kei is in charged of this mission who absolutely fears Yokai – and happens to be a real puss. In order to cover it he tries to act like a gentlemen and walk the talk. Then you got his companion Yoshinokazura Riken who is by far, the most chilled out one of all in the group, and a young man Hanakiri Ganryuu who likes to boast about his ranks. For the girls there’s Zakuro who doesn’t like working with humans in general, very stubborn and is a sucker when it comes to sweet talk. Her companions Susuki Hotaru, who is very shy and the twins as I just mentioned, Bonbori and Hoozuki who just love attention and squea just about anything (so it seems).
Romance is already starting to bloom in the air, so this may end up very corny but definitely would not be ending up over the top.



I’ll be looking forward to covering this one folks. <3


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