This anime features a high school guy named Kousaka Kyousuke and his popular, pretty, intelligent and involved little sister, Kirino. They pretty much ignore each other and don’t get along very well, until Kyousuke finds out accidentally that his little sister is addicted to little sister porn games, therefore making her an otaku. Kirino then decides to share her secret with her brother, so that they can both make sure no one finds out about it. The little sister then makes her brother try the games out so that he can see what kind of game it is, and see if it really is a weird thing to have or not.

BWAHAHAHAHA. This anime is definitely something I will be looking forward to this season. The first ep was really funny, I laughed so much! The story in itself is very funny, and the characters make everything so much better! I really like the way Kyousuke thinks sometimes, he’s so plain in his way of thinking, so normal, yet SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. I love his character.

"Oh Really." I feel like your plainness of a character will always amuse me, my dear.

As for the little sister, Kirino, she is SO obsessed with little sister porn, I’m amazed. Her mean personality towards her brother, and the way she wakes him up in the middle of the night add to the greatness of the anime, And, although we only saw her in the beginning of the episode, I LOVE Kyousuke’s friend. She is so happy and simple(This anime has amazing plain characters, really), I love her already, although I dunno what’s her purpose in the story yet XD. The background music is really catchy, works extremely well with the mood and the story, and it makes the whole show MUCH better than it already is 🙂 This seems like a really happy, carefree anime, one of those plain funny and short ones that are still amazing in their own way. It’s one of those stories that will probably also end up being cute (When Kirino explains to her brother how she started liking these little sister games and shows for example, you can only think “Awwww”… At least that’s what I did).

So basically, in this show, I loved the art, the music, the plot, the characters, the humour… Did I forget anything?
Oh. Right, the bad points. Well, there is one thing, ONE, that MIGHT happen IF it’s that kind of show. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T TELL ME IT’S SIBLING LOVE!!!!!!! I never understood that kind of thing and never will, and so far the show has an incredibly good start, so please don’t ruin this for me!!!. I am really looking forward to the continuation of this show, and if it is sibling love then I think I’ll curl up in a corner and cry for 3 whole days -_-‘.