Tony Stark comes to Japan to work on a particular project to pursuit his goals of World Peace. He must adapt to the culture and ways of society in Japan in order to have the people trust and favor him.  In the mean time, he seeks to find a new candidate to become the next Iron Man so that he can successfully retire. However with his Dio production being somehow hacked, Tony finds himself forced to fight.

Honestly I don’t know what to say about this. The plot is going to heavily revolve around someone’s secret agenda, who I believe is obviously related to the Mecha Zodiac animals. Without a doubt, if that is the case, there’s going to be twelve enemies altogether with the bonus of the mastermind behind it. I’m already suspicious of the Japanese military government, and I can’t help but wonder how on earth this is working to make “clean” and “free” energy. I do understand however the fact that Tony wants to retire on a high note, and soon if possible. However with the current situations he won’t be gone anytime soon.
As I said in the FALL 2010 post, and now judging by this episode, I seriously can’t see myself putting up with this every week for blogging. Yes I will probably watch it, but I am having mixed feelings about this so I might end up dropping this shortly.  There are already a few things that annoyed me was the overly used “Fade Outs” for each scene (if not, then most). Not only that, it felt rushed and short. The art however, is unique, different and more humanly – not to mention high quality animation altogether.
If you are a hardcore Iron Man fan, you will probably enjoy watching this – but then again you may be extremely bias about the plot and the upcoming character development like me.


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