What she said.

It’s time for the cultural festival! The Volunteer Club sets up a stall in hopes of advertising. Instead of people checking them out, they end up recieving a threat letter, where Mio and Tarou head out to investigate.
I will be covering the episode this week since Myst got her hands full with her final exams around the corner this week and the following. I would like her to keep focus on that since I don’t have any exams to worry about. Unfortunately I wasn’t pleased how it turned out.
First Warning of Bad Animation

The animation quality was absolutely horrendous and the plot was predictable and lame this episode. Not once did I peep a giggle or burst out laughing. All I did was watch, remaining bored and wanted to look away from the all too noticeable flaws. The only thing that we got out of this episode was terribly weak development for Mio’s and Tarou’s relationship as well as revealing what Mio is scared of (which happens to be cats out of all things!). Then we got this out of blue MFC (Mio Fan Club) cult that is led by the student committee member who delivered a threat letter to Tarou in order to get information out of him whether he’s dating Mio or not. In the end by being honest that they weren’t, they decided that they will punish him. Of course in the end Mio saves him and goes ‘WTF’ to her fan club.
Sadly because this episode was lame as it was, and literally nothing progressed in the plot for curing Tarou’s problem – there is really nothing to emphasize about. Myst may drop by a few remarks if she got time.


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