Tennouji continues to be consumed by her emotions which ended up influencing the way she made her sweets. She continues to feel that Amano is standing in her way and envies everything about her. Later after the group leaves, she encounters the young lady who always browses at her window. She learns that the girl failed an audition for a musical and was cheered up after seeing her sweets, developing insane imaginations that ran wild. She got Tennouji to dance after getting so excited. The girl introduces herself as Linda, who from that moment on unknowingly made a huge positive impact on Tennouji’s inspiration and motivation.
I was pleasantly surprised that this episode was not a continuation of Tennouji being depressed and mopping about. Finally, we got a good character development, she finally made a friend with a girl named Linda who really honest and has a wild imagination. This was a huge positive influence on Tennouji since we learned that not only she had a wrong impression towards Amano, but she also envied the fact Amano had friends. Although seriously speaking – when she said “there was no one to open her heart to“, I was like, “ARE YOU STUPID?!” *TAKES OUT EPISODE  48 OF SEASON 1* This guy here,

(I CAN’T REMEMBER HIS NAME) my god he was concerned for her when she was facing the shock and despair after being “tricked” by Henri. At that point I thought it’d be good if he hung around her so she’d have support. Of course we haven’t seen him anywhere this season which is such a shame. He wasn’t an asshole like Henri. Speaking of that jackass, that was all bullshit from also the last season where he supposedly pulled an “act” upon Tennouji to make her “stop following him” with Francois. Then by the end of today’s episode he was a jerk to call her naive out of all things when her sales finally improved. She wasn’t naive, it was simply her confidence and hope emerging from the abyss of despair. She needed this, and the inspiration and motivation, knowing she still got a chance! So calling her naive was just obnoxious.
Then we have that arrogant, self-centered, obsessive spoiled heiress bratty bitch who NEEDS TO FUCKING DISAPPEAR OR DIE IN A HOLE. I FUCKING HATE HER! She does nothing, she spends money like it grows on trees, she wastes ingredients, and doesn’t even do the work. And for the love of god, LEAVE KASHINO ALONE, NO MORE LOVE LETTERS OR KIDNAPPING OR ATTEMPTS TO MOLEST HIM.

Overall the episode did not feel rushed like the previous one so I enjoyed it alot more. Lastly, for the millionth time, WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO GO BACK TO JAPAN AND WORK ON THEIR OWN SHOP?!
Preview: Possibly the last part of Tennouji’s ‘arc’, lets hope so and see them kick Henri’s ass. Also Hanabusa is back, looks like not only he will be probably redesigning the place so that there’s more seats but also cooking! Will there be more than just roses and pretty decorations?


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