I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I failed in my predictions. Oh well.
This week was intense. It was epic and I loved the reality that was put into this. The seriousness of the episode kinda surprised me, but it was great. Although it’s incest, so far this show is definitely one of the best this season.
We find out at the beginning of the episode that Kirino’s first manga novel, that was at a state of “might-go-on-sale-with-the-help-of-some-suspicious-person-from-the-Internet” last week, suddenly got really popular and that it will be made into an anime.
1st thing that popped into my mind: That would never happen in real life. 1st novels don’t get animes right away. Also, she’s in middle school!
Anyways, surreality put aside, Kirino asks Kuroneko and Saori to accompany her at a meeting with the producers, the ones who’ll take care of this show. As they go meet with these big guys, Kirino is asked to present her ideas and her being her bitchy, self-centered and demanding self, she asks for way too many things. Now, of course, producers being even bigger assholes than her yes, it’s possible, they turn around her ideas completely, plan to even change the storyline, and as nothing is certain they postpone the meeting to another day.
Change scenes, Kirino gets sick. We then learn from Saori that her manga was chosen because another anime that was supposed to be aired suddenly got cancelled, she basically got chosen as a filler show.
Follow-up to the 1st thing that popped into my mind: Ohhh, now I get it. That makes more sense.
Yep, sounds like the usual business alright. I mean, I’m no specialist, just a regular College student, but the only thing producers want is  to fill up their pockets, and by doing that they’ve got a certain way of doing things and they won’t think of the author’s thoughts at all. That sounds more like reality.
As Kirino is too sick, Kyousuke goes in her stead for the meeting.  It is then decided by the producers that basically Kirino’s whole story will be changed and that they’ll just pretty much use her concept and modify it completely to satisfy their own pockets.
Big news. Producers should know by now that this usually creates shitty anime, just like series that aren’t based off mangas, or continuations of things that shouldn’t be continued AHEMYumeiroPatissiereProfessional.
But OH WAIT! Kuroneko decides to step in. Man, does she step in.
Basically, she disses the director in every possible way, even showing her hate and jealousy towards Kirino in the process. It was a direct, harsh, and absolutely epic speech. For those who haven’t watched it, just do. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the plot, just watch that speech. I. FREAKING. LOVE. HER. Kuroneko, you win.
Kyousuke then pops up after that speech, and frankly, it might have been pretty cool if it wasn’t for the clichéd “Please do it for her, she’s so important to me!” I mean, producers just care about the money, saying something like that won’t change anything. That’s only my opinion though. Anyways, Kuroneko says some more amazing lines after that, and the episode ends as Kirino gets her anime with pretty much all her ideas put into the upcoming show.
Overall Impression: This episode was so real. I hate idealistic shows where everything happens so easily without any problems. It would have been pretty much impossible for Kirino to have an anime to herself after the first novel if it wasn’t for a bunch of factors. She was very lucky, and if it wasn’t for Kuroneko the show would have been completely horrid. Her manga being popular, that was great and possibly unusual considering she’s a middle schooler. It is, however, possible, and if nothing happened in the show then there would be no point to this story. However, anime production has a lot more to it than just taking popular manga and making it into anime. Now of course, I have nothing to base this on. My only knowledge is based on what I’ve noticed by watching anime that have completely strayed off from the manga and also watching animes where fillers appear as often as there are episodes about the actual storyline AHEMBleach. What? I didn’t say anything, what you talking about?. If anyone has more thoughts on this I’d gladly accept them. After all, I don’t like saying things like this when I have almost nothing to base them on, however I found this episode to be very realistic because it really showed how I think anime producers act. What was a little less realistic was the last bit, and the reason why Kirino got this anime (Kyousuke really destroyed that), but you know what, Kuroneko’s speech took all that back and just made me forget this part. Also, I mean this needs a good ending… Why not?
I’m curious as to what will happen next episode. The preview seriously doesn’t say much, but I’m curious as to what that “last life consultation” is about.

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    Seeing as the next episode is more of a filler (but a very good one, at least for me) and there are around 3-4 more stories between this and the eventual revelation of Kirino’s words regarding that final life counseling, I’m getting worried if this ends at 12-13 episodes instead of going 24 or so.
    Episode 8 is based on the last story in the third book of the light novel series and there are currently 6 books out. Since 9 wasn’t part of any of the books (to my knowledge) then I don’t see them compressing 3 books in 3 episodes. I can only hope this goes on to 24 episodes or has a second season if it ends at 12. Toradora did fine at 24 episodes so I hope this follows that.
    I liked episode 8 for the ending parts, but I found Kirino’s ranting about what she wanted and Kyousuke’s begging a little over the top. It might have been smoother overall if those were toned down a tad. o_o

    1. Myst

      Aw shucks, I can see a bad ending coming along –-‘ This series is ending this season, it will only have 12 episodes.
      I don’t know how they’re going to end it but I’m guessing they are going to cut down on the fillers and cut everything short, probably making a very fast-paced and retarded ending –
      -‘ Oh well, I guess we’ll see how things end up.
      I completely agree with you about Kyousuke’s begging, I hated that part too. As for Kirino’s rant, as much as she asked for much, I find it worked pretty well with her personality, I mean that’s how she is (I still hate her, but hey, at least they stick with the same personality). Also, I found it to be pretty funny.

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