A wandering soul (it isn’t a spirit so I’m calling it that!) that isn’t considered a spirit that listens to girls who asks about how their lover or crush feels towards them. The poor soul isn’t able to contain all this emotions and goes out of control. The only way to stop it and help it move on is a valid love confession.
All I can say, I felt so bad for Agemaki throughout the entire episode. Zakuro, it’s good to know that she is well aware that she is “attracted” towards lieutenant Hanadate however isn’t certain whether she is in love with him.  As a bonus she also felt guilty about saying it to lieutenant Hanadate since she kept on looking at Agemaki. In the mean time it was interesting to see that Susukihotaru actually get frustrated with Riken. I found it pretty amusing, the guy is so dense and failed to realized she was blushing as result.

Anyhow all I can say I am certain, 100% sure lieutenant Hanadate IS the final villain, the one who is wearing the yokai mask. I said this a way earlier on and now it was literally confirmed by the end of the episode, now even more so why I hate him and feel disgusted when he does all the “sweet talk”. Next week, although the preview isn’t showing much, for certain the enemies will be crashing at whatever festival they are going to. Zakuro is in tears so something is definitely going to happen that will be leaving an impact on her.
It kind of sucks that because it was nothing more than a mere filler to add some humor and minor development for lieutenant Hanadate’s part. Of course when that happens I don’t have much to talk about.


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