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Hey everyone. With the WINTER Preview almost ready to be published I wanted to get this one last thing off my back.
You see I am really eager to cover one of the following four series that have been released back a few years. Some of them are silly choices, but they are also something I wanted to cover due to curiosity and for fun.
So this is where you guys come in. I would absolutely love you guys to vote for one of the four shows, and whatever wins will be the first one I will cover. If I end up not covering a lot of shows during the Winter Season I will cover the two with the highest votes at the same time. These shows, I will confess – have seen before, but are definitely the ones I want to look back and see if I feel the same way compared to the first time, not to mention it’s been a while since I have watched them (except for Eyeshield 21, i just finished watching that last week!).
The poll is on the sidebar, it will be open for exactly one month then it will be closed. So I won’t be getting the results till the end of December! So please vote, you do not have to be a user of wordpress or anything to do so!!! Choose whatever perks your interest the most or would like to see me cover! Please vote, I would really appreciate it. If any questions or even other suggestions that I should add in the future don’t be shy to mention it. 😀


Status: Complete
Number of Episodes: 51 (Two Seasons)
Released: 2003
*Will Include OVAs
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo
Summary: Sora, a young girl from Japan, comes to America in search of her dream. She wants, with all her heart, to be a member of the famous Kaleido Stage,  a combination of musicals, acrobatics and magical effects. With the help of her friends, she struggles to make this dream come true.

Eyeshield 21:
Status: Complete
Number of Episodes: 145
Released: 2005
Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Sports
Summary: Welcome To the Gridiron of the Damned! Huge hulking bodies throw themselves at each other, while a tiny lithe body runs between them for the goal!  No, it’s not a game of football, it’s Sena Kobayakawa trying to evade the monstrous Ha-Ha brothers down the halls of Deimon High School! But wait! Sena’s  incredible skills at not getting caught have been spotted by the devilish (possibly actually demonic) captain of the school’s embryonic American style football  team, and when Sena asks to be the teams manager, he gets thrust onto the field as a running back instead! But there are two BIG catches: first, to keep the  identity of their new “star” player an absolute secret, Yoichi makes Sena wear an opaque visor on his helmet and gives him the alias of “Eyeshield 21.” And the  second catch? Well, in order to hit his fastest “speed of light” running mode, Sena usually has to be absolutely terrified. Not that THAT will be a problem with the  monstrous players that he’ll soon find himself running from! The insanity hits the streets when the feet meet the cleats in EYESHIELD 21!
Yu Gi Oh 5D:
Status: On-Going
Number of Episodes:  130 +
Released: 2008
Genre: Action, Game, Shounen
Summary: Neo Domino City, a newer, evolved city is the largest in the world, watched over by its Director, Rex Godwin. Satellite, the renamed old Domino  City, is now the city’s main waste disposal area and the inhabitants who live there, Satellites, live in poor conditions and are forbidden from Duelling.
Fudou Yusei, the shows main protaganist, has built a D-Wheel (used for the new form of duelling, Riding Duels) in the hope that he can escape to Neo Domino  City. Spurred on by revenge towards Jack Atlus, the King of Riding Duels, he manages to escape and duel Jack for his precious card, Stardust Dragon.  However when it is summoned along with Jack’s ace monster, Red Demons Dragon, a wonderous Crimson Dragon appears, along with a mysterious  Birthmark on Yusei’s arm.
Cardcaptor Sakura
Status: Complete
Number of Episodes:  70
Released: 1998
*Will Include Movies
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Romance, School
Summary:  One day, Kinomoto Sakura, a 4th grader stumbles upon the mysterious book of Clow. Upon opening it and reading the name of The Windy aloud,  Sakura scatters the cards to the winds. Sakura is elected and appointed by Keroberos, Guardian of the Cards to capture the remaining cards. With her friend  Tomoyo and rival Shaoran, Sakura begins an adventure that will forever change her.


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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    I’ll go with Card Captor Sakura since I didn’t watch all of its episodes o_o

    1. Eva

      XD I do plan to cover all these shows, so CCS will be covered eventually even if it isn’t first. ^_^/ But by the look of the poll, it probably will since Kaleido Star will likely be shared between Ballad and I so it will be the runner up.

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