All right, now before everyone starts complaining and bitching because the word “filler” appears in my title, let me say this: WATCHING THIS EPISODE IS FREAKING WORTH IT. I almost peed my pants laughing, and I didn’t care AT ALL about the fact that this didn’t have anything to do with the original storyline (Heck, the whole episode made no sense at all).As Tarou is being tortured (again) by Mio for her personal pleasure in order to cure Tarou’s masochism, this other girl (who’s name we later find out is Hiiragi Noa) who is observing him suddenly says “I’ve found him!”. Later on, Tarou receives a “love letter” from the same girl, and as he meets up with her curiously he realizes she wants to “experiment on him”. As she tortures him intensively afterwards, she claims that the experiment was a success and leaves.

You know, I should have seen it coming when I saw this scene...

As normal and as boring as the first part of the episode was, the second half is where my brain kind of got confused, and it’s also the part where I laughed the most. I have to admit that the first part was a little long and boring.
We then learn that Noa was collecting pervert energy (And Tarou had lots to spare), and she now wants to make everyone in the world become perverts. In order to “save the world”, Tarou goes up against Noa, and meets a gigantic robot. With this belt that

transforms hentai powers into superpowers, Tarou tries his best to defeat it, however he doesn’t have enough power. Desperate, he calls Mio, tells her she’s a flat-chested bitch, and Mio comes in, beats him up, and Tarou suddenly becomes a SUPER HELLA MASOCHIST with blonde spiky hair. Add to that a hentai Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb, and you’ve got the rest of the episode.

….Need I say more? It was totally unexpected and amazingly funny. The Dragonball references just made everything much, much, much, much better, and I never would have thought that they’d mix some comedy/romance show with DRAGONBALL. Unexpected, funny, carefree, it’s one of those episodes you watch over and over again and never get tired of.