Deadly Beauty

Hoozuki, Bonbori, Ganryuu, Susukihotaru and Riken all head out for an investigation except for Zakuro and Agemaki. They go to a shop called Ori where they encounter a Youkai called Mugi who works there. Mugi’s master, Orikata is actually a human who does not have a problem with their kind. Getting straight to business, she reveals a suspicious katana that she had received from a lady who declares it might be cursed. When Orikata uncovers the katana, Susukihotaru senses dangerous aura and warned Riken not to touch it. She starts breathing heavily and looks as if she was about to pass out. They take a brief break away from the katana where Ganryuu and the girls goes out to do further investigation. When Mugi came by to give some medicine to Susukihotaru, she notices a comb in her stash. Mugi hands it over to her to get a closer look at it telling her it was her mother’s. As soon as Susukihotaru made contact with her she saw the past where she sees Mugi and her mother happy until one day a man comes in and her mother protecting her dearly ends up being killed in the process. Susukihotaru then tells Mugi that she’s a good girl.

When Mugi leaves, Susukihotaru tries to confess what her powers are to Riken when only were cut short where they heard something fall. Turns out Mugi was trying to get the katana for them to help them out. Suddenly the katana slips out of its cloth and falls into  Susukihotaru’s hands, causing her powers to activate and be influenced by the katana! She turns to Riken and attacks agressively. He is sent back flying through the door from the impact. She then turns to Mugi just as Orikata came to see what was all the rukus and quickly went to shield her just like her mother had done in the past. They are protected by Riken who blocks Susukihotaru’s attack and then grabs the cloth and catches the blade with his hand asking her to snap out of it. Susukihotaru finally returns to normal, gasping in horror of what she had done, then falls unconscious.

Afterwards, when the others return, Susukihotaru is in the back with Reijin tending his wound, still upset with what she had done. Susukihotaru explains more about her powers how she will know what’s the object or person’s true feelings. Reikin takes her hands and tells her that he is a man of a few words, and he would be happy if she could read his thoughts to understand how he feels towards her.

/end of crappy summary.

Holy crap just managed to finish this before class!
I am at loss for words. The best way I can describe this episode that is was unbelievably powerful. The episode focused mostly on Susukihotaru and Riken and developing their relationship. It think it’s safe to say they are officially canon and it isn’t so cheesy anymore, but more understanding and sweet. The bond between them and the chemistry is really smooth and not too rushing. Although it may seem really fast considering we’re only on episode four, but this is one of the rare relationships that you can tolerate happening this quickly. Anyhow besides that, they aren’t the main focus. Now that they are done, it’s time see Hoozuki and Bonbori, where we will learn more about their powers in the next episode. I’m definitely looking forward to that.
Onto the plot development. There was very little focus on our mysterious enemies, but despite that we are given one hint: they are after Zakuro and Kushimatsu knows it. Their motives remain unknown, but I’m assuming it will have to do with that Persimmon tree and Zakuro’s powers as it may have been foreshadowed by Susukihotaru in episode 2.
Mysterious Enemies:
Motives: Unknown
Who are they? We’re told they are also half spirits like Zakuro and the others.
Who is their Target? Zakuro


Woohoo! And the girls are going to wear western outfits! I’m certain they will all look adorable…. WAIT, DAMN IT – THERE’S THAT GUY I’M TOTALLY SUSPICIOUS OF. AGEMAKI GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE AND KEEP THAT GUY AWAY FROM ZAKURO.


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