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Today we continue from where we left off last week where Sanosuke and Kyou encounter Koudou who reveals his newest and most successful creation of demons (aka Rasetsu) who can appear in broad daylight. We also encounter and get more of a backstory between Chizuru and Kaoru’s relationship as well as the truth about their non-blood related father. It turns out he had adopted the two and by the look of it, as well eventually separated them, having Chizuru sent to hide in Koudou’s branch family and Kaoru was taken by the Tosa clan into Nagumo family. Kaoru kept on going on and on about how he wanted to save her. In fact every time we got a close look at him he instantly reminded me of Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II.


Chizuru immediately declines to join her brother telling him that she made a promise to protect and she will not hesitate to fight him if necessary. She draws her sword and the two once long lost siblings start to battle.

Here it was really special to see Chizuru, even though she was shaking like crazy she tried to fight the best she could. Kaoru knocks the her sword out of her hands and gives her one last chance to join him. Even with his blade at her throat Chizuru declines once more where Kaoru aims to strike her only to be blocked by Shouji who clearly took the medicine to use the powers of Rasetsu in order to hold up a fight. Their fight ends shortly when the Rasetsu effects disappears and leaves him vulnerable, gasping and hacking away due to his illness. Kaoru goes to finish him off, only – he’s the one who has been stabbed and killed by Chikage who tells him he had betrayed the ways of the Demon Clan and had to be killed.

[ Okay lets focus on Chikage just for a second. HOLY CRAP! THEY ACTUALLY DREW HIM PROPERLY FOR ONCE! Good god, they alway made him look terrible! It was so annoying, but here – look at this! Gorgeous! This is how it should be done! All the time I tell you! ]

Chizuru quickly runs after him to request that he does not kill her father immediately since she wants to confront him first, then after that they buried Kaoru they returned to Edo.  The next day, Chizuru goes back to her home to see if she can find any clues about her father’s whereabouts. She runs into Sanosuke who suggests they grab some Dango and then head over to visit Shouji who is sick as ever.

Finally back at Hatamoto, Hijikata is back along with Kondou. Suddenly Shinpachi calls him out to talk to him in private. We learn later that they are leaving the Shinsengumi.
Seriously, I did not expect Shinpachi and Sanosuke to leave. I mean it’s great that they aren’t dead or anything, but boy am I going to miss them. Those guys are truly great characters that you can’t hate for your life. Not only that, they care about the lives of their men and do not want them to fight in battles they know they cannot win.

And so that concludes this week’s episode!

=_= Ah… I see limbs flying, I see blood spurting,  yep it’s going to get violent and yet another dramatic episode to come.


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  1. Lavy-tan

    *drops from gaia*
    lol he did look like Alois! Specially that tricky smile >D.
    It was sad when they left, I felt Kyosuke’s pain XD.
    Looking forward to see Hijikata in rasetsu mode in the next ep (and maybe some reveling sexy chest again <3).

    1. Eva

      :O IKR? Alois’s creepy grin will never be forgotten.
      XD Err, did you mean Heisuke’s pain? There’s no Kyosuke! LOL.
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Lavy-tan

    Yep him.
    Still got half of his name right XD.
    o.o I wonder who this Kyosuke in my mind is lol.

    1. Eva

      Hmm… Well there is Toriumi, Kousuke who voices Saito, Hajime!

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